Will Netflix Make Elite Season 4? Here’s Why They Should

Elite Season 3 has just landed on Netflix and people are already asking when Season 4 will be available.

I love the show, like many of you, and I think it’s vital for Netflix to keep on making new seasons of the Spanish-language show.

Over the years we’ve seen a huge increase in the popularity of so-called ‘foreign language’ movies and TV shows.

Some of the best shows and movies that came out in 2019 were not in the English language.

My favourite shows of 2019, for instance, were the likes of Marianne, Dark and Money Heist.

Netflix is really doubling down on more international content and that’s a great thing.

Already this year we’ve seen them release the likes of Ragnarok, which is going to be on my favourite shows on 2020 list. I am sure of it.

Elite Season 4 has been greenlit by Netflix


Elite has taken the non-Spanish speaking world by storm – Credit: Netflix

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So, it goes to say that a show as popular as Elite will be renewed.

As a matter of fact, Netflix has already greenlit Season 4.

That said, production on Elite Season 4 has been put on hold due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

However, once we get through this pandemic, Netflix will kickstart production on their most popular shows, which includes the likes of Elite.

They need to carry on making shows like Elite because they broaden Netflix’s worldwide appeal, and they’re also really good.

There isn’t a show quite like Elite on Netflix and without the streaming platform, I doubt it would have ever been made.

They took a bit of a risk on the show and it’s proven to have paid off.

It’s also a show that’s unafraid to address serious issues in young people’s lives.

There aren’t too many shows that tackle so many different issues.

English-language shows could learn a lot from Elite


What will happen in Elite Season 4? – Credit: Netflix

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Elite tackles sexuality, religion, racism, homophobia, the class system…

The themes it takes on are endless and that’s one of the main reasons why it’s such an important show.

It’s a show that many young people watch and I think it does so much more than the likes of Riverdale as far as those themes are concerned.

The show’s writers aren’t afraid to take risks with each episode and talk about taboo subjects.

I think everybody needs to watch Elite because it’s a truly special TV show and one which more English-speaking shows should take note of.

We could learn a thing or two from a show like Elite.

Have you guys watched Elite yet?

If so, were you looking forward to Elite Season 4 on Netflix?

Let us know in the comments below.

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