Stephen King Gives His Review Of The Flash Movie: “I Loved It”

Stephen King Gives His Review Of The Flash Movie I Loved It

Renowned author Stephen King, known for his captivating stories spanning genres such as horror, crime, supernatural, science-fiction, and fantasy, has expressed his admiration for Andy Muschietti’s DC comic book movie, The Flash.

King’s popularity extends beyond his novels, with numerous adaptations of his work, including films such as 1922, Gerald’s Game, In the Tall Grass, Firestarter, Carrie, The Shining, The Mist, and many more. His influence on the film industry is unparalleled, with an extensive catalogue of projects inspired by his writings.

In addition to his literary achievements, King is a film enthusiast himself, expressing interest in movies beyond those based on his own works. He has written articles praising films like John Hillcoat’s The Road, Dennis Iliadis’ The Last House on the Left, and Neill Blomkamp’s District 9.

Notably, Andy Muschietti directed the beloved adaptation of King’s work, It. King commended Muschietti’s work on the film, describing it as “fabulous.” Given this positive reception, it raises curiosity about King’s thoughts on Muschietti’s latest project, The Flash.

Stephen King Enjoyed DC’s The Flash

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The Shining author recently posted on Twitter that he’s seen the DC film saying:

I got an advance screening of THE FLASH today. As a rule I don’t care a lot for superhero movies, but this one is special. It’s heartfelt, funny, and eye-popping. I loved it.

Stephen King’s positive praise for The Flash is particularly significant considering his admitted lack of enthusiasm for comic book films.

Notably, even Jaden Smith had the opportunity to attend an advance screening of the film and shared his thoughts.

Furthermore, acclaimed actor Tom Cruise, known for his role in the Mission: Impossible series, described the film as “everything you want in a movie” and emphasised its relevance in the current cinematic landscape.

Despite the growing anticipation surrounding the film, which is set to be released in a few weeks, there are no early public reviews. It looks like there is an embargo in terms of written or video reviews about the movie. Regardless, journalists and influencers who have seen the movie have shared their reactions, with some noting that Warner Bros. Discovery did not impose a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) on them, allowing them to discuss their impressions freely.

Stephen King Loved Andy Muschietti’s The Flash


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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While a lot of people were happy with the author’s thoughts about the film, some were not so sure whether to trust his post. One even had to ask DC Studio’s co-head, James Gunn, if it was real.

Some Twitter users have expressed scepticism regarding Stephen King’s opinions about the film, citing his dislike for Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of his book The Shining. Instead, King praised the TV version directed by Mick Garris, which was critically panned and considered one of the worst made-for-TV adaptations in 2014.

In addition, some people question why Stephen King would support a film with Ezra Miller in it, who has been involved in a number of controversial incidents recently. These individuals choose not to support the movie due to Miller’s past actions, even though Miller has admitted fault and is seeking help. For those who intend to withhold support, Miller’s involvement in the project is reason enough to do so.

On the other hand, some movie enthusiasts believe it is essential to separate the art from the artist. They also point out that they think that the other people who worked on the movie deserve to be supported. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people behind this project have done precious work. Their efforts should not be dismissed due to one actor’s reputation. Even though Miller is actually the film’s lead, it would be fairer to weigh in when one has actually seen the movie for themself.

And perhaps that is what Stephen King is looking at. At this point, DC Studios’ upcoming movie The Flash is not just about Ezra Miller.

What do you make of this news? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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