Tom Cruise Has Watched The Flash And He Loved It


The upcoming The Flash movie from DC Studios found a new fan in Tom Cruise as the actor-producer got to see the film and loved it. It seems that despite the disappointing turnout on the first weekend of Shazam 2, DC Studios could have another notch higher in their hope meter for The Flash.

Studio executives Warner Bros Discovery CEO David Zaslav as well as co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran, have expressed that the upcoming movie is a perfect superhero picture. One report even states that they are comparing it to Christopher Nolan’s Batman.

DC Studios could definitely need a ‘win’ now. Zaslav has always stated that it is the only movie company that can rival the achievements of Marvel Studios. Whatever they have, Zaslav wants it for DC.

Warner has gone through such turbulent times. Now, with the newly minted DC Studios, they are also facing rather violent waters as they steer the company to a new DC slate. Introducing Chapter 1: Gods and Monsterswith ten initial titles, was simply just the beginning.

Gunn and Safran are working their hardest to get everything to fly. And the ball will start to roll once director Andres Muschietti’s The Flash runs into the theatres. Gunn has stated that the upcoming movie will have the fastest man alive break DC’s multiverse. It is the big screen adaptation of the character’s most iconic arc from the comic books titled Flashpoint.

Having had a series of challenges of its own, The Flash has taken so long from development to production to post-production. It has even had its scheduled release moved many times. Not to mention the fact that its lead actor, Ezra Miller, is not exactly everyone’s favourite actor at present. The movie itself has taken its time to run into the theatres. Quite ironic for a movie about a speedster.

Nevertheless, the actor has proven to be amenable to work since last year, and Miller has been cooperative and professional for reshoots and other scheduled appointments. Now, it is up to the studio to ‘sell’ the movie come June 16th onwards.

While a lot of people would be sceptical as to the film’s calibre, many executives vouch for the movie as having the makings of becoming one of the best superhero movies of late. Recent information tells that those who have seen it have truly reflected positive reactions, and one of them is Top Gun’s Maverick, Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise Loved The Flash, And He Let The Director Know

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The Hollywood Reporter shared that Tom Cruise had actually seen the movie. The highly confidential and top-secret The Flash screening was made possible by Warner CEO David Zaslav himself. Apparently, in a separate meeting with Cruise, Zaslav told how masterful the upcoming DC Studios movie is, and it caught Cruise’s attention.

Tom Cruise has been in the industry on all sides of the business of movie-making. In front and behind the camera, he knows what he wants and how to appreciate a project when he sees one. In the report, insiders quote him talking over the phone as the reputable actor-producer commended director Andres Muschietti for his work in the big screen adaptation of the Flashpoint.

According to the write-up, Cruise told Muschietti feedback along the lines of:

That Flash is “everything you want in a movie” and “this is the kind of movie we need now”

While the current movies to hit the theatres are mostly the big production, superhero, sci-fi or fantasy films, the world still needs to see movies with a great heart. Since The Flash focuses on Barry Allen trying to save his mother, a huge part of the upcoming movie paints a clear picture of the person behind the mask.

In Justice League, Barry is depicted as the light-hearted member. He is a man of science, and he and Bruce understand each other at that level. He is also a lost child. Without thinking about his safety, he immediately got on board the team that Bruce was forming. He even stated he needed to have friends.

Barry’s personal struggles make up his entire drive as a person with above-average abilities trying to make the world a better place. It is expected that the movie will have certain emotionally moving scenes, especially at the point where Barry Allen has to choose.

Tom Cruise Has Seen The Flash And Loved It So Much


Credit: DC Studios

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Warner and DC Studios are working around promoting the movie, channelling discussions away from the personal issues of the lead actor themselves. Was it not only last year when news broke out about so much controversy about the actor to the point that he has come against authorities one-too-many times?

These incidents have created a dangerous image of The Flash’s lead actor that potential audiences cannot separate the actor from the character. The dilemma is that even though the movie is the best of all films, people will still have the idea that because they are the film’s lead, potential moviegoers will be discouraged from even buying a ticket.

Added to this is the idea that all of the movies coming from DC this year are practically just waiting to be shown and then never to be heard of again. But the recent news about Tom Cruise loving the movie could spell a new opportunity for the movie. People who are on the fence about the film can actually consider it now.

And for some who are still undecided, they still have until June to come to terms with their expectations for the move.

What do you think of Tom Cruise actually loving The Flash that he even called up the director, Andres Muschietti, to commend him saying he loved it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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