John Wick Franchise Crosses $1 Billion Worldwide

John Wick 4 Reviews Are In And, Yeah, He’s Back

John Wick franchise crosses the $1 billion worldwide box office mark after four movies focusing on the vengeful grieving dog-dad assassin. Who knew that a whole franchise could be launched by avenging violence against a single puppy?

Everyone knows the story. John Wick, who was a man who had just lost his wife to cancer, found out that she was still able to arrange a final gift for him. A puppy. A dog named Daisy was going to be his companion when his wife was no longer around. Wick’s wife gave him the beagle to be his friend so that he could go through the process of grieving.

In his wife’s opinion, John Wick needed someone, something, to love because his Mustang did not count. Little did anyone know that the car and the dog would be the cause of his return to his old ways.

After an unfortunate encounter with an heir to an underground organization, the young man used his influence to disturb John Wick’s peace. Their group ended the life of the only gift Wick received from his dearly departed wife right in front of him, trashed his home and stole the car he prized so much.

Their mistake was letting Wick live. Because they didn’t know he had the capacity to exact revenge. Many people died in the murder of Daisy.

And perhaps millions of moviegoers watched Wick again and again, exacting that revenge that the franchise, now with four movies, boasts of crossing the $1 billion box office mark.

John Wick Franchise Crosses $1 Billion In The Box Office

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The Numbers has updated the John Wick franchise’s worldwide box office performance, and it shows that the four movies starring the breathtaking Keanu Reeves collectively generated more than $1 billion for Lionsgate.

The latest movie John Wick 4, which SPOILER ALERT seemingly saw the end of the eponymous assassin, carried the franchise over the 1-billion threshold. And Lionsgate couldn’t be happier. So happy that all systems are going for spin-off series and movies for the franchise.

The first movie had a budget of $30M that raked in $87.8M at the worldwide box office. The second movie had a $40M budget and cashed in $171.5M. The third movie also had $40M for its budget and went on to bring in $327.2M. The three movies alone total $586.5M at the box office.


Credit: Lionsgate

In 62 days after its release last March 24, John Wick: Chapter 4, having a budget of $100M, was able to quadruple that amount and more into $427.5 at the worldwide box office. The three movies plus the latest instalment to the franchise, presumably the conclusion, added up to $1.014 Billion worldwide.

Theoretically, the money the movies made would be enough to cover the dinner expenses the assassin has to pay for after hundreds of diners show up wherever Wick puts on his suit.

Director Chad Stahelski admits that there isn’t a ‘happy ending’ for the protagonist at the end of the movie’s day. The fact that so much blood is on his hands, there is no great way to end the story. So, I guess they just settled for epic instead of great.

John Wick Movies Add Up To More Than $1 Billion In The Box Office


Credit: Lionsgate

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Lionsgate is certainly more than happy to continue the world that John Wick began. In fact, many storylines are now in development, and coming right up is next year’s Ballerina starring Ana De Armas, who is taking over the role of a young ballerina assassin out for her own set of vengeance.

A series is also deep in development for the franchise titled The Continental, which is a prequel to the story that built the New York Continental under the management of Winston.


Credit: Lionsgate

John Wick 4 is among the last projects that the late Lance Reddick completed as Charon, the concierge at the Continental Hotel in New York. The actor still has seven projects coming up in different stages of development. However, only Shirley, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and Ballerina are listed in post-production. He was also able to complete the thriller St. Sebastian under the direction of Danny DeVito from the writing of Bruce Terris.

Meanwhile, the John Wick franchise now joins the ranks of billion-dollar umbrellas, which include superhero movies, witchcraft and wizarding films, classic fantasy, and notable animated features, among select others.

What do you make of the John Wick franchise now belonging to the $1 billion group? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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