Stephen Amell Talks Possible Return As The Green Arrow

Stephen Amell Talks Possible Return As The Green Arrow

Three years ago, Stephen Amell concluded his run as The Green Arrow, but now he’s been talking about what would make him return to the role. Amell revealed during an appearance on Michael Rosenbaum’s Inside of You podcast (via what would make him return to the Arrowverse.

Prior to this podcast interview, we did get the impression that he would love to don the green hood again. Back in 2020, during the peak of the global pandemic, actors from the US, such as Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist, couldn’t cross the border to shoot.

The Canadian actor offered to help out the Arrowverse by returning as Oliver Queen for The Flash Season 9 because he was already in Canada. Amell did another interview last year in which he stated that he was open to helping the Arrowverse in any way he could.

More importantly, he even shared that he has nothing but fond memories of his time playing the role and he misses being The Green Arrow.

Stephen Amell Still Interested To Return As The Green Arrow


Credit: The CW

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The star of the show that launched a handful of DC’s television series again expressed his interest to reprise the character. Amell is a frequent guest on fellow DC character actor Michael Rosenbaum’s Inside of You podcast.

In Rosenbaum’s podcast, Amell spoke of his thoughts on what it would take for him to return to the role. His answer to the Smallville Lex Luthor actor’s question is both practical and realistic.

Amell reveals:

Oh, it would all depend. The storyline. The money. Less so the money. This is a one-off, right? You’re going back for an episode or two episodes. You’re not going back to recreate the show. So you know the money everyone is going to haggle, but you’re not gonna get an extra $4 million out of them.

The actor displays his understanding of what could be the scenario in which Oliver Queen could once again appear on screen. Right now, he knows that Arrow has a bigger chance of not getting a reboot or a new series.

In Amell’s mind, the current circumstance of the studio might be more amenable to a special one or two episodes. He further explains:

It would more come down to… I like going online and I like seeing reactions videos, right? When fans see something in a television show that they like.

His explanation gives a glimpse of his understanding that audiences are now more attuned to social media exposure. Thus, he concludes:

So I would think to myself, as a fan of whatever show, how pumped would I be if so-and-so character just appeared. From that angle I’d probably be like, yeah, let’s do it. But again it depends on the show.

The actor often takes to social media to reach out to his fans and followers. He even addresses arising issues to dispel exaggerations or misinterpretations.

This activity is somewhat similar to one of the two new CEOs of DC Studios. James Gunn also takes to social media to straighten out information.

Gunn, together with Peter Safran, are the new top minds behind DC. Everything has to go through the two of them.

Could Stephen Amell Get To Return As The Green Arrow?

Stephen Amell Talks Possible Return As The Green Arrow

Credit: The CW

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The two co-CEOs are still preparing their big DC picture. Who is to say whether or not they have The Green Arrow in mind for the new DC slate?

It is still a comforting thought that the actor is still open to the possibility of playing Oliver Queen or The Green Arrow again. The universe that Amell’s series catapulted on television has achieved so much in a span of a decade.

Arguably, the Arrowverse first made the multiverse possible. The crossovers of Arrow, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Batwoman, Black Lightning and The Flash were what many fans looked forward to seeing on the small screen.

So, we understand when the actor says he has fond memories of being The Green Arrow. We also have fond memories of watching them every week.

What do you think of the possibility of having the Canadian actor back as The Green Arrow? Do you think James Gunn and Peter Safran will have him on the cards?


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