Spider-Man 3 Leaked Audition Tape Might Have Revealed Miles Morales Is In The Movie

It seems as though a recently leaked audition tape for Spider-Man 3 might have revealed that Miles Morales could be in the movie.

This news comes from Murphy’s Multiverse who claims that he saw an audition video on Vimeo before it was taken down.

These sorts of auditions tapes get posted online all the time.

Not all of them are real.

However, this one sounds like it could be genuine.

The actor in question was auditioning for a role called ‘Daniel’.

However, it’s well known that Marvel uses codenames for their characters all the time.

Often, actors don’t even know who they’re auditioning for.

Could Miles Morales be in Spider-Man 3?


Credit: Sony Animation

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Here’s what Charles Murphy wrote about the audition tape and the scene in particular:

The two-part video begins with a young African-American man out delivering food for what appeared to be his parents’ restaurant. The young man is stopped by the NYPD because he is wearing some sort of Spider-Man gear. When questioned by police, he states he’s a fan of Spidey but it’s clear that in whatever universe this takes place, being a fan of Spidey is NOT ok. This would certainly seem to be in line with where we’d think things would pick up in Spidey 3  following the events at the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home.

The second part of the video sees the young man first in a conversation with his father, then his cousin (?). When talking to the second person, a breaking news report airs on TV indicating that the costumed hero Spider-Man has been found dead at a museum.

What do you make of this rumour?

Do you think that Miles Morales will be in Spider-Man 3?

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