Michael Rooker Might Return As Guardians Of The Galaxy’s Yondu One Day

Michael Rooker has been chatting about potentially returning as Yondu in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, and he isn’t ruling it out.

Yondu ended up becoming one of the most interesting characters in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies.

He started off as a pretty scary pirate claiming that he would eat Star Lord and then turned into one of the most heartfelt characters in the whole series.

His death (spoilers), in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 was truly heartbreaking.

However, it seems as though Michael Rooker isn’t ruling out a return as Yondu.

He revealed this during a recent interview with ComicBook.com.

Michael Rooker isn’t saying he’ll never return as Yondu

guardians of the galaxy vol. 2

Credit: Marvel Studios

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Here’s what Rooker said when he was asked whether he’d like to return as Yondu:

I don’t know how they could do it, but of course, it’s possible. Anything’s possible in the Marvel universe, you know, there’s time travelling and all that kind of stuff. So yeah, of course, it’s possible. But will they be able to afford me? I don’t know. At Marvel, they don’t have a lot of money you know, it’s really tough out there.

It sounds to me as if Rooker would love to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I would love to see him return and I’m pretty sure fans would be as well.

What do you make of this news?

Would you like to see Micheal Rooker return as Yondu in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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