Steven Soderbergh Shares His Lucasfilm Rejection Letter From 1984

Acclaimed director, Steven Soderbergh, has taken to Twitter to share a rejection letter he received from Lucasfilm in 1984 and claims that the experience made him stronger.

Steven Soderbergh over the years has become one of Hollywood’s very best directors. He’s proven that fact time and time again with films like Ocean’s Eleven, Out of Sight, Side Effects, Magic Mike, The Limey, or more recently, Logan Lucky. He’s been toying with the idea of retirement for some years now, but he seems to come back time and time again, and he’s getting better with age. However, it turns out that the director had tried to get a job at Lucasfilm when he was starting out in the industry and he took to Twitter to share the rejection letter he received from them back in 1984. Have a look at it below.

Yes, the rejection letter is an interesting piece of history, however, it’s his caption which intrigues me the most. He claimes that the experience made him “STRONGER”, and I would have to agree with that. He may have gained valuable insight and learned a few things from working at Lucasfilm, yet he may not have developed his unique visual style and directorial flair. A Soderbergh movie is always worth watching, which hasn’t always been the case with George Lucas’ films (think Star Wars prequels).

Soderbergh went on to make Sex, Lies and Videotape not long after he received this rejection letter, so it may have given him the motivation necessary to go and make it in Hollywood, which he did with style. Incidentally, Soderbergh did go on to work with Kylo Ren himself, a.k.a. Adam Driver, in Logan Lucky. Back when people were wondering about who should replace Lord and Miller on the Han Solo project, and later who should helm Star Wars: Episode IX, my mind kept on going back to Soderbergh. I;d really love to see what he would do in the Star Wars universe. I’d love to see a Soderbergh-esque caper in a Star Wars movie.

All that’s in the past now, and he’s managed to make quite a name for himself and will hopefully deliver many more wonderful movies in the future. Make sure to check out some of our other articles on Star Wars and comic book movies such as Thor: Ragnarok. We even have one piece on the news that Lionsgate is looking at Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman for the lead of their upcoming Detective Pikachu movie. What a weird and wonderful world we live in.

Would you like to see Steven Soderbergh direct a Star Wars movie? Let us know in the comments below.

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