Second Alien Series Reportedly In Development

Second Alien Series Reportedly In Development

Another Alien series is reportedly in early development, which is separate from the series in which Sydney Chandler is set to lead. This time, it could possibly continue the storyline from Prometheus (2012) and Alien: Covenant (2017).

It looks like Disney and 20th Century Studios are putting the Alien franchise into high gear. Other than making a new film by Fede Alvarez, and a series developed by Noah Hawley, it seems like Disney wants more.

The last film was Alien: Covenant. There were plans actually to make two more films. But after Disney bought 20th Century Fox, the franchise’s future was in question. With the announcement of a new film, it seemed that the story Ridley Scott wanted to tell was never going to continue.

News of a new Alien series might give Scott’s story a proper continuation.

A New Alien Series Is In Development With Michael Fassbender

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Giant Freakin Robot reports that Michael Fassbender and Katherine Waterston are currently in negotiations to reprise their roles from Alien: Covenant for a new Alien series.

So far, nothing is clear on what the story would be. At the moment, we can only presume that the new series will be set sometime after the events of Ridley Scott’s last Alien film.

At the conclusion of the film, the synthetic android David, portrayed by Fassbender, places Daniels, played by Waterston, into stasis upon her realisation that he has killed another android and assumed its identity. While she sleeps, David preserves two facehugger embryos in cold storage.

Second Alien Series Reportedly In Development

Credit: 20th Century Studios

The ending of the film was controversial as it resulted in the victory of the antagonist. However, since Covenant was set three decades before the events of the first Alien (1979) film, it left many questions unanswered for fans. Currently, the ending does not align with or connect directly to the events of the first film.

The new Alien series could potentially provide a fitting conclusion to David’s story, exploring the reasons behind his creation of the Xenomorph. Also, I’d like to see a better end to Daniels instead of just being in hypersleep. I definitely hope she doesn’t end up like Noomi Rapace’s Elizabeth Shaw.

Additionally, the series format might offer a more effective platform for presenting this narrative than a film.

Katherine Waterston In Talks To Return To Alien

Second Alien Series Reportedly In Development

Credit: 20th Century Studios

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If the new Alien series is set after the events of Covenant, then the series created by Noah Hawley starring Sydney Chandler should not interfere with it. Hawley’s series is set 70 years before the first Alien film.

It would be interesting to see how both shows would connect, though. I doubt that Hawley’s Alien series would have any similarity to the Xenomorphs that we are familiar with. But it is possible that it might slightly resemble the alien featured at the end of Prometheus.

Second Alien Series Reportedly In Development

Credit: 20th Century Studios

I am excited to see this project materialise, primarily because I did enjoy Prometheus and Covenant to some extent. However, I hold Ridley Scott’s original Alien and James Cameron’s Aliens (1986) to a very high standard that is difficult to surpass. In my personal opinion, nothing has come close to those films.

Nevertheless, I am still intrigued to witness how Scott intends to conclude the story and potentially establish connections to the 1979 film.

What do you think of the new Alien series being developed with Michael Fassbender and Katherine Waterston? Are you looking forward to seeing the conclusion to Ridley Scott’s Alien prequels? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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