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Deadpool And Wolverine Will Save The MCU – Here Are 7 Reasons Why


A lot of people like to claim that the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) needs saving – but could Deadpool And Wolverine be the saviour those sorts of people have been looking for?

If these naysayers have a point, could Deadpool And Wolverine – the third Deadpool film – be the movie that the MCU has been desperately needing to come and ‘save‘ it from total collapse?

Even though I’m not of the opinion that the MCU is really in need of saving, I do think that Marvel Studios is experiencing a bit of a slump, and Deadpool And Wolverine could be the movie to get them out of the rut they currently find themselves in.

Well, after watching the movie’s recent trailer, I wanted to get into why this film might be the thing that the MCU has been waiting for.

So, without further ado, I’m going to try and give you 7 reasons why Deadpool And Wolverine might be the film to save the MCU! Let’s get into it…

Why Deadpool And Wolverine will save the MCU!


Credit: Marvel Studios

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Reason #1 – The Ryan Reynolds factor

So, the first reason why I think that this movie will save the MCU is the Ryan Reynolds factor. Let me explain why that is precisely.

People just love Ryan Reynolds. Yes, there are people who claim that they find his whole schtick a bit grating and are starting to wear a bit thin; however, his movies and businesses keep on making money.

So, what this suggests is that he clearly knows what will work and what won’t. Just look at what he’s achieved with Wrexham A.F.C. over in Wales!

That story has been incredible to witness, and his series on Disney PlusWelcome To Wrexham – has been a huge success. We’re about to watch the third season of that documentary series.

Given they’ve been promoted to League One in the UK, I’m pretty sure we’re going to get to watch a couple more seasons of that show!

Reynolds is very rarely part of a flop these days. His recent movies have all been box-office winners, and I don’t think that Deadpool And Wolverine will buck that trend.

Reason #2 – Hugh Jackman’s return

One of the big selling points of this movie, and the reason why so many people are so excited to watch it, is the return of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

Jackman’s portrayal of Wolverine is iconic, and people love him in the role. Jackman also starred in arguably the best – or at least one of the best – superhero movies ever made in Logan.

His return as Wolverine in Deadpool 3, I believe, is one of the main reasons why people will be flocking to watch the movie on opening night.

I also have a strong suspicion that his inclusion in the movie will help it to become a record-breaking box-office success. Mark my words!

Reason #3 – Shawn Levy directing


Credit: Marvel Studios

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One of the things I really like about this movie is the fact that it’s being directed by a director I trust.

I know that many of you like the previous Deadpool directors (Tim Miller and David Leitch). However, I would argue that Levy is a much more accomplished director than both of them.

Just look at some of the projects he’s been involved in. Levy directed the Nights At The Museum movies, Real Steel, and some terrific episodes of Stranger Things.

Most of the films he’s been a part of have been financial and critical successes, and he’s directed a lot of movies! The guy’s been in the business for a very long time and knows how to make a good movie.

I also like the fact that Levy tends to make comedies, which I believe is a good fit for the Deadpool character.

The two movies he made with Ryan Reynolds – Free Guy and The Adam Project – were also really fun and demonstrated that the pair work really well together.

I’m excited to see what they do with the Deadpool property.

Reason #4 – It’ll open up the MCU to some R-rated violence

Yes, I know that R-rated isn’t the be-all and end-all. However, Marvel needs to freshen things up and bring in some new blood and new ideas.

One thing they can do is add a little bit of violence and a different sense of humour, and that’s what will happen with Deadpool And Wolverine.

Marvel fans want something different from the other MCU films, and an R-rated, violent and sweary superhero movie is precisely what they need!

Reason #5 – It could reset the MCU


Credit: Marvel Studios

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The MCU needs a bit of a reset. It needs to be brought back to basics, and I think that this Deadpool movie will do exactly that.

The inclusion of the TVA is a hint that that will be the case in this upcoming movie.

It’s not a bad thing to press the ‘reset’ button from time to time. As they often said in The IT Crowd, “Have you tried turning off and on again?”

That could be precisely what Deadpool And Wolverine will do to the MCU. Give Ryan Reynolds that on/off switch, and I’m sure he’ll have some fun with it.

Reason #6 – Cameos galore – but in a good way

One of the rumours we’ve been hearing a lot as far as this upcoming MCU flick is concerned is that it’s going to have a lot of cameos.

If we learnt anything from some of the previous Marvel movies (namely Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness), it’s that people love a cameo!

We also learned that adding cameos to these superhero movies is a great way to increase profits and box office takings.

However, we also learned that there is such a thing as cameo fatigue, and I think that Ryan and co. will be very aware of that. They’ll want to do their cameos right and use them well.

Cameos don’t really work unless they’re approached properly, and with Deadpool’s constant third-wall-breaking antics, I’m sure that these cameos will be a lot of fun and used with a bit more thought.

Reason #7 – It shows Marvel has a sense of humour


Credit: Marvel Studios

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One of the big things I know this upcoming picture will have is a lot of jokes from Reynolds’ Deadpool about the MCU and the people involved at Marvel.

We already saw in the movie’s trailer Deadpool poking fun at Marvel President Kevin Feige. That was brilliant to see, and I think there’ll be a lot more of that sort of stuff in the film’s theatrical cut.

So, there you have it—seven reasons why Deadpool And Wolverine will ‘save’ the MCU. I’m not sure if you’ll agree with all of them.

However, I know one thing for sure: this movie couldn’t come soon enough, and I’m really excited to see how it all unfolds.

What do you make of this article?

Do you believe that Ryan Reynolds’ upcoming Marvel movie will be the film to save the MCU?

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this report.

You’ll be able to watch the movie when it’s released in cinemas on July 26th later this year.