See Nicholas Hoult As Lex Luthor In Superman: Legacy


A Nicholas Hoult fanart as Lex Luthor in Superman Legacy has impressed followers of the movie that will launch DC Studios‘ new DCU. Meanwhile, writer-director-co-CEO James Gunn has yet to confirm any casting news.

It truly seems that Nicholas Hoult is the frontrunner for the role, as we have also reported recently. While a good number of actors may be pitched for the villainous billionaire genius, many fans are weighing in on the options. Those who are able to put the image they envision to art, and there are many, take to social media to post something like a ‘hear me out’ look for the character.

Some are even successful enough in getting their fancast actor to be interested in the role. In fact, even Guardian of the Galaxy’s Drax actor Dave Bautista is now thinking that it’s a good idea to take on the role of Lex Luthor after having seen a drawing of himself as the character. He was interested enough to say he would give James Gunn a call and further stated he is into the idea more now than being Bane.

With all the talk about Nicholas Hoult being considered for the role of Lex Luthor in Superman: Legacy, a visual artist takes to Instagram an image of the actor side by side with another imagining of David Corenswet as Superman.

The Nicholas Hoult Fanart As Superman Legacy’s Lex Luthor

See Nicholas Hoult As Lex Luthor In Superman Legacy

Credit: Instagram / @youssef_defenshi

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In an Instagram account under the name youssef_defenshi, a fanart of David Corenswet as Superman is posted together with another image of him beside a Nicholas Hoult image of Lex Luthor in a green armour or exo-suit with purple detailings. The two characters have what looks to be a Kryptonian sigil dripping or melting in the background. We can’t see if it’s not an S.

The image could be truly promising, for both suggested casting and comments of the post are somewhat mixed. Some welcome the idea, and others are having different actors in their minds for the roles. However, as fanarts go, it certainly helps for people to get to see and assess whether the role would really fit the actor visually.


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The account also has other fanart of DC characters such as Glen Powell as Hal Jordan Green Lantern, Alexander Skarsgard as the new Aquaman, Jenna Ortega as Raven and even Keanu Reeves as Deathstroke from Matt Reeves’ The Batman Elseworlds, among other concept art.

Many of his concept art is genuinely appealing and inspires discussion in the comment section.

Nicholas Hoult Is Armoured Lex Luthor In Superman Legacy Fanart

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While we wait for the official announcement from DC Studios as to who will take on the roles for James Gunn’s Superman Legacy, it is safe to say that they will also carry a considerable amount of responsibility. The movie will be the one that will open the doors for DC’s new universe.

The DC slate that Gunn and Safran launched last January, entitled Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters, opens new narratives for the studio from its treasure trove of comic book stories. The ten titles, where five were movies and five were series, are not nearly half of what the co-CEOs have in store for DC fans.

James Gunn Has Almost Finished Superman Legacy's Script

Credit: DC Comics

Because DC Studios is coming in after the chaos that was DC Films when it transitioned into Warner Bros Discovery, people are split in their impression of the studio’s future. It will all boil down to whether Superman: Legacy will be a hit or a miss. And a good way to ensure it hits is by getting the right people to take on the right role.

Meanwhile, Primetime Emmy nominee Nicholas Hoult has recently appeared as the titular character in the movie Renfield opposite Nicolas Cage. Catch him as Peter and Pugachev in the television series The Great, which is now streaming on Hulu.

What do you make of this fanart featuring Nicholas Hoult as Lex Luthor in Superman Legacy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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