Alien Series Casts Its Lead But Delays Push Production Back


Alien series has good news and bad news for fans eagerly waiting for the production update from one of scifi horror iconic movies of all time. For a franchise that has a strong fandom, early news about a follow up project will be always welcome.

The first time news broke out about a series that will continue the Alien franchise was around 2020 where it was reported to be developing under Disney for Hulu. Then on 2021 for an animated series. Aside from those, there the reported project in development that has director Noah Hawley at the helm. IMDb has Hawley credited as director for an upcoming Alien TV series.

Now another seeming update comes to our attention and once again, it may or may not lead to a full-blown fruition. But there could still be the possibility. Some fans were happy with how they remember the film series starring Sigourney Weaver. Some want redemption of the franchise and hope that they will do better with newer projects.

As in-development projects go, the chances that it will remain in development are always high. Until there is an official announcement from the production banner owning the franchise, we have to take these developments with a grain of salt.

Alien Series Reportedly Casts Characters

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According to Giant Freakin Robot, the popular science fiction horror franchise has just cast Sydney Chandler as its lead for the Alien series but pushes its production on a later date.

The most promising of an Alien project in development is the one with Noah Hawley and this was reported to be the project that has recently cast Chandler as its lead character. Tying this report with another from the Illuminerdi, it appears that Chandler will not replace Weaver as Ripley but will be a new character named Wendy.

In the 2020 Disney Investors Day, the FX Chief John Landgraf said:

FX is moving quickly to bring audiences the first television series based on one of the greatest science- fiction horror classics ever made: ‘Alien’.

‘Alien’ will be helmed by ‘Fargo’ and ‘Legion’s’ Noah Hawley stepping into the creator/executive producer chair, and FX is in advanced negotiations with Academy Award winner, Sir Ridley Scott—director of the first ‘Alien’ film and the sequel, ‘Alien: Covenant’—to join the project as an Executive Producer.

Set not too far into our future, it’s the first ‘Alien’ story set on Earth—and by blending both the timeless horror of the first ‘Alien’ film with the non-stop action of the second, it’s going to be a scary thrill ride that will blow people back in their seats.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, the upcoming director of the series, Hawley, mentioned:

It’s a story that’s set on Earth also. The alien stories are always trapped… Trapped in a prison, trapped in a space ship. I thought it would be interesting to open it up a little bit so that the stakes of “What happens if you can’t contain it?” are more immediate.

Reports Say Alien Series Delays Production Back

Alien Series Casts Its Lead But Delays Push Production Back

Credit: FX Networks

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Chandler is speculated to be one of the main characters of the Alien series in development to be directed by Hawley. Apparently, FX was looking for a male character named Hermit. Describing the role to have any ethnicity, Hermit is a medic with the Army. Hermit is Wendy’s brother. The two have a complicated twist of a story throughout the Alien series.

Ever since Disney acquired Fox, a return of many of its popular titles in the mainstream is inevitable. Some projects may have been a miss some a hit but definitely developments are moving along. As Alien series may just go one or the other, there is no middle ground for the franchise. Hopefully this project under Hawley would be a good step forward for a franchise that focuses on the future.

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