Ryan Reynolds Warns Fans Not To Watch His Green Lantern Movie During Lockdown

Ryan Reynolds has taken to Twitter to warn fans not to watch his Green Lantern movie whilst everyone is stuck at home during lockdown.

2011 was a bit of a strange year for comic book movies.

It was the year when we got Captain America: The First Avenger and Thor from Marvel Studios.

We also got X-Men: First Class from 20th Century Fox, which was pretty darn good.

These comic book movies were all pretty decent, but then DC Comics gave us Green Lantern, which was terrible.

Side note: 2011 was also the year The Green Hornet came out, which wasn’t much good either.

Anyway, Ryan Reynolds starred as Hal Jordan, a.k.a. Green Lantern, in the movie, and it almost ruined his career.

Thankfully, he was able to play Deadpool in 2016’s Deadpool movie, but for a long time it looked like Reynolds career was pretty much over.

Ryan Reynolds really doesn’t want people to watch his Green Lantern movie

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Reynolds has now been replying to people on Twitter who’ve been pointing out that Green Lantern is available to rent on Apple TV.

It’s available for less than a dollar on Apple TV, but even Reynolds thinks that too much money to spend on the movie.

Replying to someone who on Twitter to asked whether he should watch the movie, Reynolds wrote: “Walk away”.

This is a pretty clear message that Reynolds does not want people watching Green Lantern.

What do you make of this news?

Were you thinking of watching Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern movie during lockdown?

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