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Stephen Amell’s Sci-Fi Movie Code 8 Is Dominating Netflix – Here’s Why

Code 8 has come to Netflix this week and people have been loving Stephen Amell’s indie sci-fi movie, so much so that it’s one of the most-watched films on the streaming service.

At the moment, here in the UK it’s occupying the number two spot in Netflix’s most-watched movies and TV shows, which is crazy.

That’s a pretty huge deal for an indie movie like Code 8.

Just to make it clear, Code 8 isn’t a Netflix made movie.

It’s actually an independent movie that Robbie and Stephen Amell managed to get made through crowdfunding.

It’s very low-budget but doesn’t look it at all.

It reminded me a lot of District 9, which was made on a bigger budget, but they both look like they were made for a lot of money.

People have been loving Code 8 on Netflix


Stephen and Robbie Amell in Code 8 – Credit: Vertigo

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Probably, one of the biggest reasons why so many people have gravitated towards the movie has to do with the cast.

Robbie and Stephen Amell are pretty big names and Stephen is coming off of starring as Arrow in The CW’s Arrowverse.

He’s a pretty popular guy and the fact that they’re both not bad to look at helps.

However, there’s another layer to why Code 8 has preformed so well with viewers on Netflix.

It feels like there’s a lot of heart and love that’s gone into this movie.

Let me make it clear, it’s not the best sci-fi movie ever made – it’s not even the best sci-fi movie on Netflix (that honour goes to I Am Mother).

However, it’s clear that the people involved in this project really care about it and did their very best to make as good a movie as they could.

Code 8 is a great indie sci-fi picture


Robbie Amell in Code 8 – Credit: Vertigo

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That’s what they wanted to do, and that’s what they did.

Code 8 is a very well-made movie which looks great.

There’s also the fact that the movie is almost like seeing the X-Men come back.

This is pretty cool, especially given the fact we’re probably never going to see The New Mutants.

It feels a lot like the X-Men, but not as comic book-y. Whilst watching it I was reminded of Chronicle, which I loved.

Code 8 is a feature-length adaptation of the 2016 short film by Jeff Chan.

Both versions of the story take place in the fictional Lincoln City.

This is a world where 4% of the population are born, inexplicably, with powers.

Instead of being considered as heroes, these people with powers are vilified by the public.

This happens even after they’ve all been recruited by Lincoln City to help build it in the first place.

The story centres around Robbie Amell’s Connor Reed who’s a young man which powers.

He’s struggling to pay for his mother’s (Kari Matchett) health treatment.

Netflix needs more movies like this

Netflix Code 8

Code 8 is a great little indie sci-fi movie on Netflix – Credit: Vertigo

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Connor is eventually attracted into the world of crime by Garrett (played by Stephen Amell).

Garrett works for Lincoln City’s biggest drug lord, Marcus Sutcliffe (Greg Bryk).

Another reason why the movie’s proven to be such a big hit on Netflix is probably because the short film already had a bit of a cult following online.

Honestly, Code 8 is a good fun movie to watch whilst in lockdown and I’m happy to see an interesting sci-fi movie like this one do so well on the streaming platform.

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