Ryan Reynolds Thinks Free Guy 2 Might Not Happen


Despite the lead actor’s popularity, especially at the box office, Ryan Reynolds has revealed that he thinks Free Guy 2 might not actually happen. However, this isn’t because no one is interested in a sequel. Grossing $323.5M off of a budget of more than $100M is a phenomenal feat, especially given the fact that the movie came out in the midst of a global pandemic.

Not a lot of movies during that time could claim blockbuster levels of ticket sales. It indicates that people really loved the movie and the fact that it was ‘Certified Fresh’ at 83% on the Tomatometer with a 94% audience score means that audiences and critics thought the film was pretty darn good.

Businesswise, the studio is interested. From the audience perspective, they won’t be unwelcoming towards a movie titled Free Guy 2. However, Reynolds isn’t actually ‘sold’ on the entire sequel idea and seems to prefer to keep the movie as is. A spectacular movie all on its own. But for how long?

Ryan Reynolds Isn’t Sold On The Free Guy 2 Idea

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The disappointing possibility of no Free Guy 2 comes from Variety which reported that Reynolds actually cast doubt over the much-awaited sequel. When asked whether he has plans to make sequels to his other movies after Deadpool 3mainly Free Guy, the actor/businessman said:

There is the potential to do a sequel to ‘Free Guy,’ which would be fun. I would love it. But also like, does everything fucking have to be a sequel? I don’t know. Sometimes it’s OK to just do a movie and have it kick ass and then everyone go home.”

It seems that even though the movie is the actor’s favourite over Deadpool, he is more into keeping Free Guy as a standalone movie. Nevertheless, he isn’t closing his door to the possibility of Free Guy 2. He continued:

So you know, there’s a bit of a push and pull there, resisting the urge to just immediately say, ‘Ohh, doing a sequel will validate the first one’. No, the first movie validates the first one and then you can leave it at that. So I don’t know, we’re still talking about it.

As there are definitely still talks ongoing, it is possible that negotiations can bend in favour of a sequel. Maybe when the time comes that the actor misses the character and his world enough, he’ll be more into revisiting and continuing Guy’s story.

In the meantime, it’s understandable that he is preoccupied with the preparations for Deadpool 3. Finally, getting Hugh Jackman to return as Wolverine and appear in the same frame as the Merc with a Mouth is his and his fans’ dream come true.

Ryan Reynolds Isn’t Too Interested In Making Free Guy 2

Ryan Reynolds Thinks Free Guy 2 Might Not Happen

Credit: 20th Century Studios

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Maybe, once Deadpool 3 is done in theatres and has some months streaming on Disney Plus, he’ll get the enthusiasm to make Free Guy 2. Could Shawn Levy be on board again to helm the movie with him? It is possible since Levy and Reynolds have quite a number of projects together other than Deadpool 3.

Levy has worked with Reynolds in the movies The Adam Project and the original Free Guy. Levy’s other works include ten episodes of Stranger Things and The Internship, among so many others.

While waiting, the original movie Free Guy streams on Disney Plus.

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