Roblox Series In The Works With Former Lucasfilm Exec Producing

Roblox Series In The Works With Former Lucasfilm Exec Producing

A Roblox game is being made into a TV series by a former Lucasfilm executive producer. With the height of movie and TV studios adapting video games into popular media, many wonder what’s next.

Just recently, we’ve seen an incredible adaptation of The Last of Us on HBO Max. And a few months from now, we’ll be seeing Nintendo’s own Super Mario Bros Movie.

So, it’s no surprise that several studios are looking into what could be the next new thing for TV or movies. There are so many games that can be adapted into live-action or animation from popular titles. Among these is Roblox. Roblox has a lot of untapped potential.

To be clear, Roblox is not a game; it’s a platform. So, what is being adapted is the question. Developers and even players can make their own games that can be played on a browser or game console. With that, since Roblox came out back in 2006, can you imagine the immense number of games that have been developed since? It already has 40 million by 2022.

Creatures of Sonaria Being Adapted Into A TV Series

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A report from Deadline informs us that Wind Sun Sky Entertainment and Productivity Media will be adapting Creatures of Sonaria. A game developed by Sonar Studios and published by Twin Atlas.

Creatures of Sonaria is a game where players play a creature of their choice and try to survive as long as they can with other players around the world. They need to explore, eat, fight and get through their life in the fictional world of Sonaria.

Catherine Winder is Wind Sun Sky Entertainment’s CEO and will oversee the project with Jay Bennett. WWS is known for Amazon Prime’s Invincible and Hexbug’s JunkBots.

Winder is known for producing Star Wars: The Clone Wars for Lucasfilm. But she has been in the animation industry since 1989. She has worked on several shows that I’ve also enjoyed, like Aeon Flux, Spawn, Chip ’n Dale: Rescue Rangers. In addition, she has also made video game-related adaptations like Angry Birds and Summoners War.

We won’t really know what the Creatures of Sonaria will be about. For sure, it’s going to be an original story since the game doesn’t really have any. It has a world full of creatures. This is not like Arcane or Castlevania where they have tons of background stories to draw inspiration from. But we do wonder if the TV series will be incorporated into the world of Sonaria.

Also, there is no information on where or when this will be released. Will it be on a streaming service, or is it a YouTube series?

Twin Atlas’ Samuel Garcia said:

I am very excited to work with Catherine, Jay and the innovative team of storytellers at WSS to add narrative depth to our characters and in turn further engage and delight our fans in a whole new way.

Creatures of Sonaria Is Not The Only Series Being Adapted from Roblox

Roblox, Roblox Series, Creatures of Sonaris

Credit: Sonar Studios

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Creatures of Sonaris is not the only project being made from Roblox. WWS will also adapt Twilight Daycare, where the player takes the role of a caretaker of babies. The game is currently in beta and is still in development. Twilight Daycare is made by Nighty Studio.

Winder and Productivity Media’s William Santor said:

As the partnership of PMI and WSS expands, we will continue to look for rich universes with cross platform, immersive potential, like Creatures of Sonaria, to partner up with and extend into the kind of gamified storyworlds that global audiences and fans are looking for in the metaverse.

Lately, there has been a surge of video game-related adaptations, and so far, it’s getting better. It had a long rough start, but at least things are looking brighter.

Netflix has been pursuing several video game adaptations with very successful ones too, like Arcane: League of Legends. Just a few days ago, we reported that John Wick star Keanu Reeves is being considered for Netflix’s movie adaptation of Bioshock. Netflix is also developing the Assassin’s Creed TV series.

Sony, who owns PlayStation, has already lined up several projects like God of War for Amazon Prime and Horizon Zero Dawn for Netflix. Sony’s popular racing game Gran Turismo even released a trailer not long ago for their upcoming movie featuring David Harbour and Orlando Bloom.

What do you think of Creatures of Sonaria being made into an animated TV series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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