Alan Wake 2 Might Be Released Sooner Than Expected


It’s being reported that Alan Wake 2 might be released sooner than we expected it to be, and there’s a good reason why people are thinking this. Alan Wake – the first game – was one of my very favourite games on Xbox 360.

I loved the aesthetic and the fact that it was basically a Stephen King novel brought to life as a video game. It wasn’t actually an adaption of one of King’s many, many novels, but it really felt like one, and the game shared a lot of DNA with his work.

Alan Wake (who is voiced in the game by Matthew Porretta) is a bestselling crime fiction author suffering from a two-year stretch of writer’s block. This is the sort of protagonist that you read about in King’s novels.

In the first game, Alan and his wife Alice travel to the small mountain town of Bright Falls, which is in Washington state, for a short vacation on the advice of Alice and Alan’s friend and agent Barry Wheeler. Now, if the game had been set in Maine, then it would have been a carbon copy of a lot of King’s stories.

Before their arrival, Alan has a nightmare about shadowy figures who try to kill him, before an ethereal figure in a diving suit interrupts the dream and teaches him how to utilize the light to fend off the shadows. I’m not going to give you the plot of the whole first game, but all I’ll tell you is that it’s really creepy, and there’s a lot of interesting gameplay involving light and dark.

In the game, your flashlight is your best friend and your only weapon against the creatures that are stalking you in the darkness. The first game was developed by Remedy Entertainment, and they are hard at work on the sequel.

Will Alan Wake 2 be released in 2023?


Credit: Remedy Entertainment

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The game itself consists of six episodes, and the storyline is continued by two special episodes, The Signal and The Writer, that were made available as downloadable content (DLC) within the same year of the game’s release. Together, they make the first season of a longer story, expected to be continued in Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, a stand-alone spin-off/follow-up, was released in February 2012 on the Xbox Live Arcade service. However, I haven’t played that game, and I get the feeling that it’s not going to be essential to play to understand what’s going on in the upcoming sequel.

Alan Wake Remastered, which features the full game and both DLC episodes, was released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and S in October 2021. A Nintendo Switch port was released on 20 October 2022. However, the port is pretty terrible and I do not recommend you purchase it. The Xbox 360 version is much better than this port.

OK, so, why do people believe that Alan Wake 2 is going to be released sooner than expected? Well, it all has to do with an interview with the CEO of Remedy Entertainment, Tero Virlata. He told Destructoid that the game is fully playable, but the studio is still working on some of the game’s content before moving into the final polishing of the horror gaming experience.

People thought the game might have been pushed into 2024

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We still don’t have a precise release date for Alan Wake 2. However, judging by his statement, it should be released this year! It was expected that Alan Wake’s sequel would be released in 2023; however, we never really knew when precisely in the year it would be made available to purchase.

Remedy Entertainment first announced the game at the 2021 Game Awards, which caught a lot of the fans of the first video game very much off guard. I personally never believed that we were going t get a sequel to the cult-classic action adventure.

The studio announced that the game would be released in 2023. However, given that we’ve since gone through a pandemic, there were many people in the industry claiming that the game might end up being pushed to 2024.

Well, it looks like they’ve somehow managed to pull it off and will be able to release the upcoming sequel sometime in 2023. We still don’t know when exactly. However, I do hope that Remedy has taken its time with this game. We don’t want another Cyberpunk 2077 on our hands.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to playing Alan Wake 2 when it’s finally released? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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