Red Hulk Will Be In Captain America 4


It’s being reported that Red Hulk will be in the upcoming Captain America 4 (Captain America: New World Order), which is very, very interesting news. This comes after it was revealed that Harrison Ford was going to be playing Thaddeus Ross in the movie.

Ford is replacing William Hurt, who passed away in March 2022. Hurt had already played the character a number of times in the MCU. However, we never saw him turn into the classic Marvel Comics villain, Red Hulk, in the movie.

That said, it seems as though Marvel fans are going to get to see Red Hulk on the big screen, finally, in Captain America: New World Order. This actually makes a lot of sense since it was also revealed that Liv Tyler was going to be returning in the movie as Betty Ross – Thaddeus’ daughter. So, it seems as though quite a bit of the movie’s plot will focus on the Ross family.

Red Hulk to be in Captain America 4


Credit: Marvel Comics

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The news that Red Hulk will be in the movie comes to us via The Hot Mic podcast. John Rocha and Jeff Sneider, also known as ‘The InSneider’, were talking about what’s coming up in the MCU.

They ended up getting onto the topic of Captain America 4. That was when Rocha was speculating about whether Red Hulk or Red She-Hulk would be in the movie. Jeff then said the following:

I’m told that Red Hulk is in the movie. I’ve heard Red Hulk.

So, it seems as though Harrison Ford’s Thaddeus Ross will be taking the Super Soldier Serum in the movie, which will turn him into Red Hulk. I have a feeling that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is gearing up for the World War Hulk storyline, which will get Marvel fans very excited indeed.

World War Hulk coming to the MCU?

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So, it seems as though we are going to be heading towards the World War Hulk storyline in the MCU, which is a pretty big deal. This was all hinted at in the She-Hulk series, and it seems as though Captain America: New World Order is going to get us that step closer to World War Hulk.

However, that wasn’t the only ‘scoop’ that Sneider had about this upcoming Captain America movie. He also revealed that Julia Louis-Dreyfus was going to be back as Valentina Allegra de Fontaine in the film.

“I’ve heard that Val, right, that’s Julia Louis-Dreyfus… I’ve heard that she’s in the movie,” said Sneider. He then added that she would be “working alongside five other villains, to form the group the Serpent Society”.

He then added that “their main mission is to obtain a special metal that is not vibranium”. Jeff then teased that this movie “might” have a tie to the X-Men. All of this is very exciting news indeed.

It’s interesting that he mentioned the X-Men. We’ve also heard that the X-Men were going to be teased in this upcoming Captain America film, so it sounds as though Marvel is gearing up to bring the X-Men into the MCU.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to watching Captain America 4? Do you like the idea of Red Hulk being in the movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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