Reacher Season 2 Will Adapt Lee Child’s Die Trying Book


UPDATE: It’s been revealed that Reacher Season 2 will adapt Lee Child’s book, Bad Luck And Trouble.

Before we continue with this story, we’d like to address the elephant in the room.

We were informed a while back that they were going to be adapting Lee Child’s second book, Die Trying for Reacher Season 2.

That information has turned out to be incorrect.

We will be updating the article we wrote about that shortly.

All we can do is apologise and say that we’re only as good as the information we receive.

Maybe something changed during production.

We’ve reached out to our source for clarification and will have an update soon.

It’s been revealed to us by sources close to the project that Reacher Season 2 will be an adaption of Lee Child’s second Jack Reacher book, Die Trying.

This news comes after it was revealed that Reacher Season 2 was in the works for Amazon Prime Video.

The first season of Reacher has proven to be a huge hit for Prime Video and subscribers are desperate to see the second season already.

Child himself revealed that he’s a fan of the show and said that he’s “thrilled” with how the show turned out.

Child served as an executive producer on the show and made sure that everything was perfect in this series.

Here’s what Child had to say about Reacher Season 1 during an interview with Denver7:

I loved it [Reacher Season 1]. I loved the fact that we have a whole season to tell the story. It let us put in the light in the shade and the quiet parts as well which is some of my favourites too. I’m thrilled with it.

Reacher Season 2 will take on Die Trying

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Here’s what our source had to say about Reacher Season 2:

Well, there are 25 more books, so we would love to turn all the books into seasons. But, yeah, Season 2 will take on Die Trying. It’ll be a bit of a mix of stuff, but mainly Die Trying.

So, this does seem to indicate the Amazon and the people making the show are keen on making each book a series.

They might not be able to get 26 seasons out of this show, but I’m pretty sure they’ll like to get as close as they can.

What do you make of this news?

Are you looking forward to watching Reacher Season 2 on Amazon Prime Video?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. Mal

    Read the books, this version of Reacher is what I pictured when I read ( not the other version ) and Season 1 is just like the book. Excellent work look forward to Amazon and Lee Childs having a fruitful relationship.

  2. Dean Graham

    Love all the books season 1 is absolutely fantastic….I don’t think they can get 26 seasons/years only show close to running that long is L&O SVU at 22 seasons…..I think they should drop 2 season a year that’s 13 years, and no doubt child’s will have dropped a few more books by then so could it show running….who out of us wouldn’t want 2 seasons a year of reacher, I’ve already watched season 1 3X

  3. Angie Shafer

    Big fan of the books! We LOVED season 1. I was in love with every character! The fact that Reacher & the detective rescued the dog made me love them more. Can’t wait for season 2!!

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