No Time To Die US Opening Weekend Lower Than Casino Royale’s


The 25th James Bond release, No Time To Die which opened up in a number of European and Asian markets last week, took its first bow in the US this past weekend.

Estimates lead the heavy-hitting franchise and final outing for Daniel Craig as the British secret agent taking $56m and just like in the UK has the widest release of any film since the pandemic began in the US.

That said, the movie’s opening weekend was the lowest for the Bond franchise since Casino Royale.

No Time To Die ended up with an opening weekend of $56 million in the United States.

The month ahead in the US is very competitive with Venom: Let There Be Carnage still playing after its monster $90m opening last week and sits on $146m Sunday evening taking $32m over the weekend.

There’s been a lot of discussion over Vaccination Passports, or proof of vaccination mandates affecting the box office, but in New York City, where this is the way, it was actually the top market according to Deadline.

Outside of the US, the film has picked up steam with an estimated $89.5M coming worldwide this weekend for a total of $257m from international markets alone.

No Time To Die and Venom 2 result in best ticket sales since Star Wars


Credit: Universal Pictures

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In France, the movie recorded the best opening weekend in admissions sales since Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker back in 2019 selling 1.2 million tickets.

Certainly, the film is also chasing the same film for the same record in an opening week since 2019 in France.

In the UK the film is set to pass the $70m over the course of Sunday (£51m) to lead as the top market worldwide for the film so far.

Germany would take second place (outside the US) with $31m followed by the Nordic countries at $29m.

Shang Chi: And The Legend Of The Ten Rings surpassed the $400m mark worldwide this weekend with another $4.9m added to the box office.

In China, the blockbuster epic, The Battle at Lake Changjin continues to smash the homegrown box office with an emphatic $110m in its second weekend (setting a record as the 4th best weekend ever).

It now leads as the 7th highest-grossing film in Chinese cinematic history with $639m and is expected to reach $800m-$1billion at its current growth.

For all analysts predicting the Chinese box office couldn’t survive without Hollywood imports, it appears that isn’t the case.

Next week sees in many markets (including the UK) a trove of films released, from Ridley Scott’s The Last Duel from Walt Disney, Venom: Let There Be Carnage (UK) and Halloween Kills.

October is sure to be the busiest box office period since the pandemic ‘era’ began.

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