Jon Bernthal On Why He Wanted To Play The Punisher

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Jon Bernthal has revealed what drew him to the role of The Punisher in the first place and what makes it a very special character to play.

He opened up about this during a recent interview with Forbes.

Here’s what Jon Bernthal had to say on The Punisher and what makes the character to. special to play:

Number one, the first reason why I really wanted to be on that show, on Daredevil, is because I saw Charlie Cox’s monologue in the first episode of the show and I saw the way in which they were approaching the work and I said, ‘This is a world I really wanna play in’. And then I saw Vincent D’Onofrio and I was like, holy crap, I gotta be a part of this. And then I dove into who Frank Castle was in The Punisher.

It’s a character that’s had a deep, deep resonance with the comic book community, with the law enforcement community, with the military community; these are communities I care a deep, deep, deep amount about. I looked at playing Frank as, you know, a real responsibility to those communities. And if they are behind it and think that I got it right, it’s humbling and I’m full of gratitude for it.

Why did Jon Bernthal want to play The Punisher?

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We reported that Jon Bernthal and Marvel were deep in negotiations on bringing him back to the role in the MCU.

Our source also added that a Punisher series is in the works over at Marvel Studios.

The script is going to be gritty and very similar in tone to the Netflix series.

This is something that Jon Bernthal said The Punisher has to be.

It seems as though Marvel agrees.

What do you make of this news?

Are you looking forward to seeing Jon Bernthal play The Punisher in the MCU?

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