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Night Swim Is The Silliest Horror Movie In Years, Watch The Trailer


In the vast and varied world of the horror genre, filmmakers have never shied away from exploring the most unconventional and bizarre concepts. From possessed household appliances to murderous inanimate objects, horror has always embraced the weird and the wonderful with open arms. Now, the upcoming film Night Swim is set to dive deep into the peculiar with a storyline centred around a haunted swimming pool, promising audiences a delightfully absurd cinematic experience.

The recently released trailer for Night Swim has already begun to make waves, offering a tantalising glimpse into what appears to be a wonderfully ludicrous film. With the horror genre being celebrated for its innovative and sometimes downright strange concepts, Night Swim seems poised to join the ranks of those films that are as entertaining and amusing as they are chilling.

A Splash of Absurdity in the Horror Genre

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The Unconventional Concept of Night Swim

Night Swim introduces audiences to a concept that, on the surface, may sound utterly ridiculous: a haunted swimming pool. However, with James Wan and Jason Blum steering the production ship, this film is set to be anything but a damp squib. Bryce McGuire, who directed the 2014 short film of the same name, which serves as the inspiration for this feature-length adaptation, returns as both writer and director, ensuring that the original spirit of Night Swim is retained.

The film tells the story of Ray Waller, a retired baseball player portrayed by Wyatt Russell, who is grappling with a degenerative illness. Alongside him is his wife Eve (Kerry Condon) and their children Izzy (Amelie Hoeferle) and Elliott (Gavin Warren). As Ray seeks therapeutic and familial solace in their new home’s pool, an ominous history bubbles to the surface, threatening to engulf them in a terrifying abyss.

A Promising and Distinctive Entry into the Horror Genre

While the concept of a killer swimming pool might initially seem utterly outrageous, the trailer for Night Swim teases a promising and distinctive entry into the horror genre. It hints at a unique and genuinely terrifying cinematic experience, with moments of enjoyment being swiftly swept away by a current of supernatural terror. The trailer, which features a suspenseful game of Marco Polo that takes a dark turn, has already piqued the interest of horror aficionados and casual viewers alike.

The Powerhouse Duo: James Wan and Jason Blum


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A Reunion of Renowned Genre Veterans

Night Swim marks the reunion of James Wan and Jason Blum, two titans of the horror genre who have previously collaborated on the highly profitable film M3GAN. That film managed to rake in a staggering $180 million worldwide from a mere $12 million budget, showcasing the duo’s ability to turn innovative horror concepts into box office gold. With their involvement, Night Swim has the potential to become another substantial success in the world of horror cinema.

Turning Absurdity into a Cinematic Success

If Night Swim proves to be a success, it will stand as a testament to the ability of Wan and Blum to create compelling cinema out of even the most absurd concepts. Ryan Turek, an executive producer from Blumhouse, described the film as a highly eerie haunted pool movie, emphasising the incorporation of Wan’s signature heart and soul, along with a plethora of nightmarish underwater imagery.

Diving Deeper into the Abyss of Night Swim


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A Release Date to Anticipate

Night Swim is set to make a splash in theatres on January 5th, 2024, with Universal Pictures as the distributor. The film, produced by James Wan through his Atomic Monster banner and Jason Blum through his Blumhouse banner, and directed by Bryce McGuire, is already generating buzz and anticipation among horror fans and industry insiders alike.

A Potential Cult Classic in the Making

With its bizarre concept, talented cast, and powerhouse production team, Night Swim has all the ingredients to become a cult classic in the horror genre. The film’s unique blend of horror and absurdity, coupled with its genuinely terrifying moments, is sure to attract audiences looking for something different from their horror fare.

Final Thoughts on this new horror movie


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Night Swim is not merely a horror film; it is a testament to the boundless creativity and innovation found within the genre. It demonstrates that even the most seemingly absurd concepts can be transformed into compelling narratives that captivate and terrify audiences in equal measure. With its eerie underwater threats, a haunted swimming pool, and a dash of silliness, Night Swim is set to offer a refreshingly unique and entertaining cinematic experience.

As we await the release of Night Swim, the trailer serves as a tantalising glimpse into a world where the ordinary becomes extraordinarily terrifying, where a simple swimming pool becomes a conduit for supernatural horror. Whether it will sink or swim in the eyes of audiences and critics remains to be seen, but one thing is for certain: Night Swim is set to be a memorable dive into the depths of horror and absurdity.

What do you make of this news? Are you going to watch this new horror movie, Night Swim, when it’s finally released?

Night Swim is coming soon to theatres in the United States and in the United Kingdom.