Who Will Replace Ray Stevenson As Baylan Skoll In Ahsoka?


In the vast and enthralling universe of Star Wars, characters come and go, but they seldom fade from memory. The Ahsoka series, a recent addition to the Star Wars universe, has been groundbreaking in numerous ways, introducing us to new characters and bringing animated figures into live-action. One such character, Baylan Skoll, portrayed by the late Ray Stevenson, has become a focal point of discussion following the actor’s untimely passing.

Ray Stevenson’s portrayal of Baylan Skoll, a dark Jedi, has been widely appreciated by fans and critics alike. His demise leaves a void in the Star Wars universe, sparking discussions and speculations about the future of his character, Lord Skoll, in the Ahsoka series. The character’s complexity and the actor’s nuanced performance have set a high bar for whoever will take on the mantle next.

The Legacy of Baylan Skoll


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The Impact of Ray Stevenson’s Performance

Ray Stevenson brought a unique blend of gravitas and quiet power to the role of Lord Skoll, an ex-Jedi turned mercenary. His portrayal has been pivotal in exploring themes of war and morality within the Star Wars universe. Stevenson’s Skoll, alongside Shin Hati, has been hailed as one of the series’ crowning achievements, making the task of recasting not just a matter of finding a new actor, but also honouring a legacy.

The Dilemma of Recasting

Lucasfilm now stands at a crossroads concerning the future of Lord Skoll. They could utilise CGI technology to preserve Stevenson’s likeness, a technique previously employed by Disney with varying degrees of success. Alternatively, and perhaps more respectfully, they could recast the role, introducing a new actor to embody the dark Jedi.

Potential Successors to the Role


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Gerard Butler: A Familiar Face

Gerard Butler, known for his roles in action epics like 300, emerges as a potential successor. With a somewhat similar look to Stevenson and a proven track record in action and drama, Butler could bring Lord Skoll’s character to life while honouring Stevenson’s portrayal.

Liev Schreiber: A Versatile Performer

Liev Schreiber, another contender, brings a rich tapestry of roles to the table. His experience in action roles, such as Sabretooth in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and his ability to navigate through dramatic performances in films like Spotlight, showcase his capability to take on a character as layered as Baylan Skoll.

Russell Crowe: A Seasoned Actor

Russell Crowe, with his robust build and a career that spans various genres, also emerges as a strong candidate. His performances in films like Gladiator and State of Play demonstrate his ability to navigate action and drama seamlessly, potentially making him a fitting choice to step into Stevenson’s shoes.

The Future of Baylan Skoll in Ahsoka


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Honouring Stevenson While Moving Forward

Choosing an actor to replace Stevenson as Lord Skoll is not merely a casting decision but a step that requires honouring an actor’s legacy while ensuring the character’s essence remains intact. The new actor will not only inherit the role but also the responsibility to pay tribute to Stevenson’s impactful performance.

The Expectations and Challenges Ahead

The expectations from fans and the inherent challenges of taking over a role from an actor who has passed away will weigh heavily on the chosen successor. The future portrayal of Lord Skoll will need to be handled with utmost sensitivity, ensuring that while the character continues to evolve, the essence that Stevenson brought to it is not lost.

Final Thoughts on Baylan Skoll


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The Star Wars universe, particularly the Ahsoka series, is at a pivotal moment, where the decision regarding Lord Skoll’s character will be under the scrutiny of dedicated fans and critics alike. The choice of actor, the direction of the character, and the manner in which Ray Stevenson is honoured will play a crucial role in determining the character’s future and, to an extent, the series’ continued success.

In the vast expanse of Star Wars, characters and actors become immortalised, living on in the hearts of fans and the rich tapestry of its universe. As we anticipate the future of Baylan Skoll, we also take a moment to appreciate Ray Stevenson’s contribution to the series, ensuring that his legacy as the dark Jedi is remembered and celebrated in the chapters to come.

What do you make of this feature? Are you looking forward to seeing who will end up playing Baylan Skoll after Ray Stevenson?

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