New Silent Hill PS5 Game Might Have Been Leaked By An Amazon Listing

There’s been a new Amazon listing leaked online which might suggest that Konami is about to announce a Silent Hill video game on PS5.

I’ve been looking forward to a Silent Hill game ever since it was announced that one was in production.

We were supposed to get a Silent Hills game from Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro.

Sadly, Konami and Kojima ended up falling out and we never got the video game.

It would have been an incredible thing to play.

Del Toro and Kojima are two of the most interesting people working in movies and video games.

Seeing the two masters of their craft come together to make a video game would have been something special.

However, we’re now hearing reports that Konami might be about to announce a new Silent Hill game for the upcoming PS5.

We might be getting a Silent Hill video game on the PS5

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There has been a new Amazon leak which seems to suggest Konami is about to announce a new video game.

This was revealed by AestheticGamer on Twitter, however, the listing on Amazon has since been taken down.

The leaker did point out that a dummy game listing with the title “Konami 1” could also be referring to a new Pro Evolution Soccer game.

I really hope it’s not that and that it is a new Silent Hill game.

Sadly, if it is a Silent Hill game, it would not be made by Hideo Kojima.

What do you make of this news?

Would you like to play a new Silent Hill video game on the upcoming PS5?

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