Netflix Releases Pre-Oscar Will Smith Interview With David Letterman

Netflix Releases Pre-Oscar Will Smith Interview With David Letterman

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction on Netflix has released an interview between David Letterman and Will Smith which was filmed before the Oscars debacle.

Everyone, or nearly everyone, knows what happened between Will Smith and actor and comedian Chris Rock at the Oscars. It was a huge commotion when it happened. Spawning tons of memes, jokes, posts, roasts and more.

Even months after the fiasco occurred, its still being talked about. Especially with a ton of movements out there about violence and abuse. Will Smith is generally an anti-violence advocate, but snapped when he saw Jada Pinkett upset about the joke that Chris Rock made about Pinkett’s alopecia.

Smith at one point did apologise for his actions, but only did so on Instagram. There. All caught up? Cool.

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction Will Smith Interview Is A Bit Unsettling

Netflix Releases Pre-Oscar Will Smith Interview With David Letterman

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Will Smith, known for such film titles Men In Black, Wild Wild West, and Fresh Prince of Bel Air, as well as many other films, did an interview for the Netflix series, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, with David Letterman. This particular interview happened before the debacle at the Oscars. Smith talks about some very in depth and very sensitive topics for himself as he discusses his memoir, the self-titled Will, and his experiences growing up before becoming an actor. These experiences are how he shaped his career as he was writing his memoir.

Smith explained:

 Life is so exciting to me right now because I can reach people differently than I’ve ever been able to reach people, largely because of my pain, I’m really ready to dive into my heart in a way that I think will be hopefully fulfilling for me and helpful for the human family.

Will Smith explains that looking back at his experiences have unlocked parts of him as an actor. Will Smith also went into talking about watching the abuse his father inflicted on his mother and how seeing that as a nine year old child always made him feel like he was a coward.

Also in the interview, Smith also talks about learning boxing for his role in Ali. Explaining his form and how to land a hit properly. (Smith even demonstrated some boxing to Letterman, kind of freaking him out. A little unnerving after the Oscars.) He then goes on to talk about his childhood and how hard it is to protect your family when you feel helpless.

Smith States:

You can’t protect your family. Protection and safety is an illusion. You have to learn to live with the reality that any moment, anything can be gone in one second, so with that reality, how can you be here? And how can you be joyful and be here?

Netflix Gives Us A Glimpse Of Will Smith Leading To The Slap

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The interview with David Letterman, did in fact show a disclaimer at the very beginning, that it was filmed before the Oscars. Smith received an Oscar for his performance of King Richard. However, after the incident at the ceremony, Smith was banned from the Oscars for 10 years. Smith also removed himself from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. That’s not exactly a great thing for any actor. Especially because it also includes not attending through virtual means either.

Will Smith is hardly the first to be banned or expelled from the Academy though. Bill Cosby and director Roman Polanski were expelled from the Academy at the same time. As well as Harvey Weinstein, actor Carmine Caridi, and cinematographer Adam Kimmel. It’s rare but it happens. With Smith’s interview though sits a little different after his stint with Chris Rock. Though he did apologise to the actor on Instagram, Smith’s actions are still shocking and can’t be taken back.

Have you watch the David Letterman interview? What do you think of it after seeing the Oscars incident? Would you accept Will Smith’s apology?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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