Most Famous Gambling Myths Popular Among The Players


Even in today’s rational world, when most things can be answered logically, there still exists room for being superstitious. Also, being superstitious about gambling is still consistent, and people cannot control it.

Being superstitious means people associate certain things with good luck or bad luck and wonder if, under certain situations, they will be influenced by definite results. For instance, they would wear lucky shirts or red underwear while playing games at land-based sites like for a stroke of good luck.

Well, some such speculations vary worldwide, but gamblers commonly share most of these. Some of the popular may include:

  • Crossing Fingers
  • Lucky Charms
  • Using a $50 bill
  • Entering Casino through Front Gate
  • Whistling While Playing

So here are some more of the most popular gambling superstitions that players observe around the world:

Unlucky Numbers

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The lucky and unlucky numbers vary from culture to culture; in Western culture, 13 is the most fearsome and is associated with death and bad luck. That’s why many buildings and airlines won’t add 13 numbers to floors and rows.

The same is practiced on the casino floor; many gamblers ditch this number and place their chips next to it, which is 14 or 15.

In China, number 4 is the culprit and is considered unlucky. That’s why number 4 is missing in the office blocks.

Crossing Your Legs

Certain unluck is associated with how you position your body, such as crossing your legs at the casino table brings bad luck. Still, it is unknown why such bogus superstition is popular among the people.

Such superstitions become famous out of nowhere, for instance, when a gambler by chance loses fortune while sitting with crossed legs while the opposite one is sitting uncrossed legs, all focused and alert in the game.

Moreover, opposite to crossing leg sitting or standing position is considered to bring good luck for the player. The case is that it is not your position that will bring you good or bad luck but the belief and psychology you have built up.

For instance, you may have won a game while in a sitting position, and then you develop this belief that it is your winning position, and you would sit every time to strengthen it.

However, this could have been the opposite, and at any time you play the game while standing and win with a good streak, it would alter your belief.

Counting Money

Counting your money while playing is considered bad luck, and it has stemmed from the early roadside gamblers who would only count their chips at the end of the game.

The players have taken it so seriously that they would consider it bad luck to count the chips in their blackjack games too!

Itchy Hands

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Different myths are associated with itchy hands in different parts of the world. For instance:

  • Itchy hands are associated with bad luck in European countries.
  • In many other countries, including Serbia, itchy hands are considered a lucky sign at the playing table.
  • Well, the itchy hands could be for any reason, like sweating or anxiety during the game. However, such beliefs originated from ancient superstitions as the itchy left palm brings bad luck, or it could be a sign to hit the jackpot.

Lending Money

While gambling, lending money to another player is considered bad luck, but if we could think logically, it makes the player short of money and affects the player’s game.

Blowing on Dice

Some players, though, may not know, while others may firmly believe that blowing on dice brings good luck. Such superstition is much old, and Marlon Brando suggested it in “Guys and Dolls.”

With the case being gaming moving to online casinos where the players do not have dice in their hands, they would improvise the situation and blow in their monitors to bring a stroke of good luck for their dice rolling on the virtual craps.

There are very strict superstitions associated with the dice, and in many towns in the US, these are brought out at the table only when needed; otherwise, they are kept locked.

The dice are carefully checked, such as if any dent or defect would affect its rolling, and even they are appropriately measured to check for uniform dimensions.

Though blowing on dice could be just out of an act because back then, people would cheat by spreading an adhesive material on one side of it. So whenever they blow, the adhesive side moistens, affecting the game’s result.

Wearing a Colour

Similar numbers are associated with good or bad luck in gambling, but red brings good luck to the players. In Asian culture, red is associated with celebrations, and the brides also wear it to show happiness, wealth, and prosperity.

Likewise, wearing a red shirt, red underwear, and red shoes is associated with good luck in China. Moreover, at the roulette table, the players are more likely to bet on the red numbers than the black to bring good luck.

However, statically there are equal chances of winnings if played with strategy.

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