Memorable Fictional Characters Who Love Gambling


Gambling has been popular for centuries, and having some fun in a casino is popular all over the world.

However, with the technological advances we today can play our favourite casino games from the comfort of our homes since there are dozens of online casino sites to be explored.

You can browse through the internet in the search for your favourite site, or you can learn about and see what they have to offer in terms of great online casinos.

However, gambling isn’t only reserved for real people. Visiting casinos and having some fun and winning money has been seen on TV as well, and some of our favourite fictional characters do not shy away from spending a buck or two at their favourite casinos.

So, let’s see what are those memorable fictional characters that love gambling. 

Barney Stinson


Credit: Disney

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The beloved bachelor, Barney, from How I Met Your Mother sitcom, is definitely a legendary character.

He certainly became the cultural referent for all those people who love to lead an awesome life, giving out high-fives and living the bro code.

But, besides being awesome, this character loves enjoying good scotch, beautiful women, stylish suits, and of course gambling.

Some may even say that he likes gambling a bit too much, and in the episodes throughout the show, we can see Barney enjoying sports gambling and a crazy Chinese casino game Xing Hai Shi Bu Xing, which involves Mah-Jong tiles, a roulette wheel, poker chips, a deck of card and three girls with a hidden jelly bean.

Marge Simpson


Credit: Disney

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TV’s best mom, Marge Simpson always gives us her words of wisdom and caring attitude, and she certainly is the matriarch of the Simpson household.

And even though she is a model cartoon mother and an iconic character filled with love, many don’t know that she has a dark past with gambling. 

In the episode “$pringfield”, we see Mr. Burns who decides to build a casino in Springfield and gives Homer a job as a dealer.

And while she was visiting her husband at work, Marge developed an instant addiction to gambling – more precisely slots.

Due to her addiction, she starts to neglect the family and spends days at the casino playing slots.

By the end of the episode, Homer confronts her and she realizes that she wasn’t gambling responsibly and leaves the casino in order to fight her addiction. 

Raymond “Rain Man” Babbitt


Credit: United International Pictures

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“Rain Man” a classic 80s movie featuring Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman does involve a fair share of gambling.

Charlie Babbitt (Cruise) discovers that he has a brother Raymond (Hoffman) when their father dies and leaves the million-dollar fortune to him.

As it turns out Raymon is autistic and the two brothers can’t seem to get on well together, but soon Charlie realizes that his brother can count cards in casinos.

They set on this adventure and the duo escapes with $86,000 in winnings.

Han Solo

Greedo and Han Solo in Star Wars: A New Hope Lucasfilm

Credit: Lucasfilm

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“Star Wars” may have never been such an amazing and magical story had Han Solo never got the Millennium Falcon.

As we all know he never originally actually owned it, but he won it by gambling in a game of Sabacc.

But that’s not the only time “Star Wars” features gambling.

The entire planet of Tatooine is known as the gambling hub, and the city of Canto Bight on Cantonica has hosted all types of gaming. 

As you can see, gambling is widely present on our screens and many of our favourite characters have tried their luck in many games.

Some were fortunate some weren’t as much, but they have all managed to entertain us and teach us a bit about gambling responsibly. 


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