Matt Reeves Reveals Why He Cast [SPOILERS] In The Batman


Matt Reeves has shed some light from the Bat signal on why he cast a certain character in The Batman.

Speaking to Variety, Reeves was asked about a particular scene that appears at the end of the film.

The scene in question takes place in Arkham Asylum and is a conversation between two inmates of the prison.

spoilers incoming small screen 2


The scene in question involves Paul Dano’s Riddler and a character only identified as “Unseen Arkham Prisoner”.

Reeves has since confirmed that the Unseen Arkham Prisoner, is in fact none other than the Clown Prince of Crime, portrayed by Barry Keoghan.

Reeves reveals his thought process for Arkham scene in The Batman

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Reeves acknowledged that due to the history of this character, they wanted to distinguish themselves from previous films:

We made a really concerted effort to make this different from the other ‘Batman’ movies, because we needed to. It’s something to think about with the Joker. It’s been done well, a number of times.

When he was looking for an actor to take on the role, Reeves noted:

I was looking not only for somebody who was a good actor, but somebody who was fearless. Barry was full in. That, along with the fact that I loved him as an actor, was the deciding factor. And we did it.

Keoghan as The Joker is such an intriguing casting choice.

Matt Reeves Reveals Why He Cast [SPOILERS] In The Batman


Credit: Warner Bros Pictures

We’ve definitely had a lot of Jokers in recent recent years, but Keoghan in the little screen time he had, left a big impression.

I really hope that Reeves gets the chance to explore this character in a potential sequel.

What do you make of this news?

Do you want to see The Joker appear in a sequel to The Batman?

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