Man Of Steel 2 To Be Greenlit By David Zaslav?


Man Of Steel 2 might actually be in the works over at Warner Bros. Discovery. However, before we get into the weeds of this article, I do want to state that this isn’t something that we’ve heard from our own sources. That said, it’s being reported by places such as FandomWire, Screen Geek and Geekosity. This report initially came from Geekosity. So, what’s happening with the future of DC Comics’ movies?

In the report, Mikey Sutton, the owner and founder of Geekosity, claims that David Zaslav will, as he put it, “not reboot the DCEU.” Mikey goes on to state that Zaslav is reportedly going to make Zack Snyder’s Justice League canon and that will also include Snyder’s previous work in the DCEU. This will in turn make Man Of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice canon also. This kind of goes against what we’ve been hearing from the likes of Dwayne Johnson, who’s constantly been claiming that his upcoming DC movie, Black Adam, will change the course of the DC Universe.

Man Of Steel 2 happening over at Warner Bros Discovery?


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We’ve also been hearing that Warner Bros Discovery is looking to move away from Snyder’s previous DC Comics movies. However, it sounds as though Mikey’s been hearing something different. His sources have been telling him that Zaslav is actually a fan of Snyder’s work and is more interested in continuing it rather than just throwing it all in the bin.

This would be an interesting new development as far as the DC Universe’s future’s concerned. Fans have of the DCEU have been a bit worried about how things are going to work out. Zaslav has been cancelling DC Comics movies and other projects left, right and centre. He cancelled the Batgirl movie, which had already been shot. Zaslav also cancelled The CW DC Comics show, Gotham Knights.

Is Warner Bros Discovery ‘restoring’ the SnyderVerse?

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So, as far as Man Of Steel 2’s concerned, it does seem as though Zaslav is very interested in making this movie happen. It has been reported that Warner Bros Discovery has been trying to convince Henry Cavill to return to play Superman in the DC Universe. There also have reports suggesting Dwayne Johnson is very interested in getting Cavill to turn up as Superman in either the upcoming Black Adam movie or a potential sequel.

This all comes after there have been some new developments regarding Cavill and him potentially joining the MCU. It’s been reported that Cavill and Marvel have been in talks and he might be turning up in Loki Season 2. Some DC Universe fans have been a bit worried that this could be the nail in the coffin as far as his return as Superman’s concerned.

It was also reported that Cavill was going to be turning up at San Diego Comic-Con during DC’s panel. That didn’t happen. Let’s see what happens with Cavill and Man Of Steel 2. I know that many people are desperate to see Cavill return as Superman. I have a feeling that Zazlav might be one of those people.

What do you make of this report? Do you think that David Zaslav has really greenlit Man Of Steel 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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