Lucifer Season 6: Everything LuciFans Want To See


Tantalizing and teasing fans across the globe, the release date of the final ever season of Lucifer, to be hosted on Netflix was released via the official Twitter account with a series of numeric led clues.

Netflix later released the information that the sixth and final season would be available from the tenth of September this year.

Die-hard LuciFans have been asking for this for a long time now – and a lot of speculation is rife about what the content will include.

Here at Small Screen, having looked at the latest publicity shots and soundbites, we have put together a list of all the things we want to see in the sixth and final season of Lucifer.

Be warned – past this point, there are some major spoilers for earlier seasons.

If you haven’t watched from season one, go back and start, then read this article.

Just who is the guest star in Lucifer Season 6, and will they be in a musical episode?

Ian Somerhalder Vampire Diaries

Credit: The CW

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Apparently, there is a mystery guest star for one of the upcoming episodes.

New publicity shots raise the question that there may be a musical element to one such episode – but if you take into account the duet with Debbie Gibson from season five, it may well be some kind of musical guest.

It would match the publicity shots, as there has obviously been some kind of sing-off at Lux, in a throwback to earlier seasons that Fox produced.

Where is the Archangel Micheal right now?

Lucifer-Season-5-Part B-Netflix-Trailer-Tom-Ellis

Credit: Netflix

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Season 5(B) centred around the twin brothers Lucifer and Micheal battling it out in order to decide who becomes God in the end, as the original Lord has given up his position for retirement to join his wife, the Goddess of creation, in her own universe.

Dirty tricks beset this from the outset – including, but not limited to, killing one of the celestial siblings.

Season 5(A) gave us a flavour of this in how Micheal kidnapped Chloe, time stopped because of a planted fear around Baby Chloe, and so much more.

By the end of season five, Lucifer has proved himself worthy and has become God – complete with a kind of transcendence in transformation.

Micheal lost his wings by the use of the flaming sword as a result; Lucifer spares his life to show just that little bit more compassion.

But where is Micheal now?

And would that have been the last we have heard from him?

Seems very unlikely.

To be God means some powers but serious responsibility


Credit: Netflix

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Lucifer has changed now – but the innate sense for hedonism is still there.

Will he take responsibility, or will he have fun with inevitable chaos ensuring?

Baby Charlie should play a greater role

Charlie Martin Lucifer

Credit: Netflix

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Baby Charlie has played a part in Lucifer since his birth towards the end of season four when errant Demons tried to kidnap him in order to create a new king of Hell who could be moulded and manipulated to meet their aims.

(The epic battle on that front was a really stunning piece of camera work shot by Netflix, when they took over. Honestly.)

But Baby Charlie is in fact human, though he is the biological product of a human and an angel, known informally as God’s greatest warrior.

Baby Charlie has sort of been relegated as an ‘extra’ – sort of just mentioned in passing conversation, in between ‘drama’.

Maybe Baby Charlie could play a greater role, assuming he is now a toddler?

More Maeve screen time in Lucifer Season 6, please!


Credit: Netflix

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Lucifer actually has a lot of representation across sexuality and nationality lines.

And, can we be honest? It is completely refreshing – and it is not in a tokenistic manner at all.

It’s like His Dark Materials, a BBC series that will also air its final series this year; the best actors have been chosen, creating a melting pot of people who embody the word of diversity.

While Lucifer has some imperfections – can you think of where there has been someone who has a disability, for example? – it has got nationality and sexuality mostly right from day one.

Maeve is the on-screen couple name given to Maze (a Demon who escaped Hell with Lucifer) and Eve, the original sinner from the dawn of time and Lucifer’s (debatably) first-ever girlfriend.

Their kinship is something so beautiful, and so very pure and unapologetic.

Stereotypes abate about ‘how far you can go to avoid upsetting an audience’.

(Seriously. It’s 2021. Time to grow up and reflect better on screen.)

More Maeve screen time, please – and not just some kind of union when it comes to a bloodthirsty and violent battle.

There is a tenderness Maze has just begun to show, thanks to growing a soul – and it is beautiful to see at long last.

That is the definition of character development, and Netflix has outdone themselves on that front.

Will Dan find his way out of Hell?


Credit: Netflix

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There was a bit of a shock when the character of Dan died, having been shot while on a police raid.

If you didn’t cry when his little girl Trixie realises he had gone, where even were you?

The revelation followed that Dan had arrived in Hell, unexpectedly.

Can he find his way to Heaven at long last?

‘Miss Lopez’ and Trixie need to find out the truth at long last in Lucifer Season 6


Credit: Netflix

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Ella Lopez has something of an infectious positivity on screen, including the ‘Ella hugs’ and a lot of bright colours.

She is friendly to everyone, knows everyone, and is more than just the ‘lab tech’ which she had been referred to as previously a lot.

Maybe, now Lucifer is coming to a close, she and Trixie – who, fan theories suggest has known Lucifer is the devil from the very first pilot episode – both of these characters need to be told the truth at long last.

There is not long to wait, as the final and sixth season of Lucifer will be out on Netflix on 10th September.


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