Dan Stevens Reveals The Guest 2 Could Happen At Some Point In The Future

Dan Stevens has revealed that there is a possibility of The Guest 2 happening at some point in the future which would be just incredible to see.

I remember seeing Adam Wingard’s movie The Guest back in 2014 and thinking it was absolutely brilliant.

I thought it had a bit of everything: action, horror and even quite a bit of humour.

Dan Stevens’ performance as ‘David’ was a real turn from what he had done in the past.

I also loved Maika Monroe performance in the movie as Anna, and she went on to star in the equally brilliant It Follows.

After watching the movie for the first time, I thought that there’s room for a sequel.

It seems as though Adam Wingard and Dan Stevens both agreed and Stevens recently revealed that they want to make a The Guest 2.

Dan Stevens reveals The Guest 2 could happen

Maika Monroe The Guest

Maika Monroe as Anna in The Guest – Credit: Universal Pictures

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Stevens revealed this news during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Here’s what he had to say about The Guest 2 possibly happening:

Well, I suppose it starts with Simon (Barrett) and Adam (Wingard). Unfortunately, Adam is a little busy with [Godzilla vs. Kong] at the moment. But we’ve all sort of been looking at ways we can get back together in some way, and I think it will happen as soon as we can make it happen. I don’t know about whether that will necessarily be a sequel to The Guest. I don’t know how that would look, but we’ve got a few other things up our sleeves, perhaps, before then.

What do you make of this news?

Would you like to see The Guest 2 happen?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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