Will John Constantine Cameo In Lucifer Season 5 In A Maze Backstory Episode?

Lucifer Season 5 is going to be with us pretty soon (hopefully), and fans – myself included –  and we’re all now starting to theorise on what could happen in the show’s final season.

One of the things that recently happened which will get fans talking is that Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis) appeared in The CW’s Crisis On Infinite Earths, despite the actor claiming that he wasn’t in the crossover event.

Lucifer turned up in an episode of the crossover event which featured John Constantine (played by Matt Ryan), John Diggle and Oliver Queen’s daughter.

The Devil then fulfilled a deal with Constantine by granting him passage to Purgatory in order to reclaim Oliver Queen’s soul.

However, during this conversation with Constantine, Lucifer revealed that he owed the man for what he did for Maze, which got me thinking whether he will end up turning up in Lucifer Season 5.

Another thing that was revealed during this episode of Crisis On Infinite Earths was that Lucifer on Netflix takes place in Earth-666, and of course, it does.

Anyway, back to Constantine turning up in Lucifer Season 5, I’m pretty sure we’re going to see what Lucifer was talking about in this episode during’s Lucifer’s final season.

Lucifer is certainly hinting that Constantine had a big part to play in Maze being able to come to Earth in the first place, which is something demons aren’t always able to do on their own.

Will John Constantine turn up in Lucifer Season 5? We think so

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It also might mean that Constantine might have something to do with Lucifer being able to come back to Earth after returning to Hell.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Constantine’s role in the upcoming season of Lucifer ends up being more than just a brief cameo.

The actor, Matt Ryan, hasn’t confirmed anything, yet I would love to see them really explore Maze’s backstory in the final season of Lucifer, and I’m pretty sure they’re going to do that.

Maze has become a genuinely interesting character over the years on the show and has really grown as a person.

She’s been in love, she has a family, she has friends. It would do her a disservice not to explore how she got to Earth in the first place.

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