Aimme Garcia – a.k.a. Ella Lopez – warns Lucifer fans Season 5’s ending is going to make us cry

Lucifer Season 5 Spoilers: Ella Lopez Would Accept Lucifer Is The Devil Reveals Aimee Garcia

Lucifer Season 5 will be the show’s very last, and that’s pretty sad since this TV show has meant so much to so many people, and one of the show’s characters who played a bit part in us falling in love with the show is Aimee Garcia’s Ella Lopez.

Ella still doesn’t know that Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis) is, in fact, the actual Devil incarnate. She still thinks he’s talking metaphorically whenever he says, “I’m the actual Devil”.

This is one of the things that makes Lucifer and Ella’s friendship so sweet and one of the show’s strong points.

However, Lucifer Season 5 will surely feature the moment where Ella eventually finds out the truth about Lucifer, and this has left fans wondering how she might react to this revelation.

Well, thankfully, Aimee Garcia was on-hand to tell Entertainment Tonight exactly how Ella might react when finding out that Lucifer really is Satan.

Aimee Garcia thinks Ella will react pretty well to the revelation that Lucifer is the Devil in Season 5


Ella Lopez will discover the truth about Lucifer in Season 5 (Credit: Netflix)

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Here’s what Aimee said when she was asked how Ella would react to the news:

Because she’s such a woman of faith and if you believe in God, you have to believe in the Devil, and if you believe in good, you have to believe in evil.

I think she would hug him and she would have a lot of questions.

She would ask if they could go out for a beer and really clarify some stuff for her.

This sounds like a lovely reaction, and it certainly sounds like Ella will take the news a heck of a lot better than Chloe Decker (played by Lauren German) did.

I would love to see how this scene would play out, and I also really like the idea of Ella and Lucifer going out for a beer after he tells her the truth and she believes him.

What do you think of this? Are you looking forward to Ella finally finding out the truth about Lucifer in Season 5? Let us know in the comments below.

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