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CinemaCon was one of the most interesting events to take place so far this year, and Sony’s Kraven The Hunter movie had a big part to play at the convention. Sony ended up showing the movie’s very first trailer to everyone in attendance. The upcoming movie features another character from Spider-Man’s rogue gallery starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

In the hopes of making another box office success like Venom, Sony Pictures will soon give us a Kraven The Hunter movie, and reportedly, his brother Chameleon is going to be in the film. Honestly, we don’t know how Sony will be able to keep this up considering what happened with Morbius last year, which Jared Leto starred in.

But as fans, we always hope for the best-case scenario even though we do tend to expect the worst. Development on Kraven The Hunter hasn’t generated as much attention as other Sony Pictures Spider-Man adjacent movies have done in the past. It is possible that Sony themselves limited the talks about the project while it was still in development. You can’t be too careful, especially when they did go all out with Morbius and look what happened there.

However, Sony did decide to show its very first trailer for Kraven the Hunter at CinemaCon. They opted to show the trailer to people who are directly connected to the creation, development, marketing and presentation of movies themselves, which is what most of the people attending the event would be.

Kraven The Hunter’s First Trailer Revealed

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Sony featured an exclusive two-minute teaser trailer for CinemaCon’s attendees. A trailer is expected to be released this summer, although we doubt that the teaser shown will be the same one that they got to watch at the event. describes the first part of the trailer in much detail, saying:

In the footage, brutal Kraven slaughters men in a truck, including biting chunks of their faces off and tossing them out of his mouth towards the camera. He pulls his classic lion costume out, showing its mane. He fights many men, slaughtering them in a bloody series of events. In the woods, men look for Kraven and set traps, but Kraven uses the locale to his advantage and wrecks them.

The trailer seems very action-heavy, and it’s not holding itself back. The violence is very brutal indeed. It should remind a lot of people about John Wick.

It’s revealed that Russell Crowe plays Kraven’s father. Deadline revealed the character’s lines in the trailer. Crowe was heard saying:

We are predators.

Fred Hechinger, who plays Chameleon, tells his brother Kraven:

You’re just another man hunting for a trophy.

An unknown voice said:

There is an animal in each one of us. continues telling the second part of the trailer:

In the film, Kraven seems to be setting out to be nothing like his father, uses spears to kill men, slaughters another in an office with a crossbow, and moves like an animal through hallways – sometimes on all fours. It’s a bloody romp, loaded with a couple of f-bombs.

The trailer also shows you Calypso played by Ariana DeBose, who tells Kraven:

You’re a goddamn lunatic!

At the end of the trailer, a new villain has been revealed. Someone is heard saying:

Don’t you want to know why they call me the Rhino? ends its trailer description with Rhino’s reveal.

The Rhino is the villain of the film, with a tease showing a man’s arm transforming into the character.

The trailer ends with a tagline:

Nothing survives the hunt.

Sony Released Kraven The Hunter Trailer At CinemaCon

Kraven The Hunter Trailer Shown At CinemaCon

Credit: Marvel Comics Group

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What fascinates me about this is that they are going for the comic-accurate look. Kraven is wearing his iconic vest.

Not only that, but Rhino is looking interesting too. He’s superhuman with strong durable skin giving him super strength. He’s not like in the Amazing Spider-Man version, where he is basically a mechanical super suit.

With what the trailer has shown us, with it being R-rated, it’s like that it has not held back on the graphic scenes. It can go to places where Venom and Morbius haven’t gone. Because of it, there is a possibility that the film can succeed where Sony’s Spider-Man Universe films have failed.

So far, even the story itself can veer into the darker pages of the comic books and bring it to the silver screen. It is something that no other Spidey villain has accomplished in cinema to date.

Kraven The Hunter is set to be released on October 6, 2023.

What do you think of Kraven The Hunter’s trailer, which was released at CinemaCon? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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