Justice League’s New Poster Finally Adds Superman Into The Mix

Henry Cavill’s Superman, a.k.a. The Man of Steel, has finally been granted a space in Justice League’s official poster. Check it out below.

Superman’s been notoriously absent from a lot of Justice League’s promotional material. I’m not quite sure why since it’s no big secret that he’s going to be in the movie. We all knew that Henry Cavill had shot scenes for the movie and was also part of the reshoots since there was that whole moustache fiasco. That moustache must be the world’s most expensive facial hair of all time. Anyway, Warner Bros.’ marketing team tried to keep him a secret, until now. Superman’s now been added to the Justice League’s official poster. Check it out below.

Justice League's New Poster Finally Adds Superman Into The Mix

Say hello to Superman in Justice League’s latest poster.

Henry Cavill has had a bit of a tough time playing the iconic superhero. Man of Steel was relatively well-received, yet Cavill’s Superman was plagued by poor writing, especially in Batman v Superman. He’s arguably one of the best things about Justice League because they’ve finally figured out what Superman is all about. He stands for hope and humanity and he’s a true hero in every sense of the word. He’s not supposed to be hated and in turn depressed. He’s certainly not supposed to be put on trial in court.

Despite all of Justice League’s problems, I’m hopeful that DC and Warner Bros. have finally figured out how to approach the character properly which has me excited about the possibility of Man of Steel 2. Cavill deserves the chance to star as Superman in a genuinely good comic book movie and Man of Steel 2 could offer him that opportunity, especially if they do end up going with Matthew Vaughn’s vision and hire him to direct the picture. The world needs a good Superman movie.

You can read more of my thoughts on Justice League in our relatively spoiler-free review (honestly, there’s not much to spoil in Justice League).

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Justice League is currently in UK cinemas. Let us know what you thought of the movie in the comments below.

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