Pirates Of The Caribbean Fans Demand Johnny Depp Be In Margot Robbie’s New Movie

Pirates Of The Caribbean and Johnny Depp fans are demanding that he be included in the upcoming ‘all-female’ Margot Robbie-lead movie.

I was a bit surprised by the news that Margot Robbie was going to be re-teaming with Birds of Prey’s writer, Christina Hodson on a new Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

This movie is going to be an ‘all-female’ version of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, but it’s rumoured that it won’t be tied to the previous films or the upcoming spin-off.

It’s just another movie which is based on the Disneyland theme park ride.

Honestly, I love Robbie and I think Hodson is a really talented writer, so this film might end up being great.

However, there doesn’t really seem to be any real reason to tie it to the popular theme park ride other than having it be loosely connected to the previous movies.

So, all this means that Johnny Depp won’t be turning up as Jack Sparrow in the movie, and fans are pretty pissed off with Disney for taking this decision.

Many of them took to Twitter to demand that Disney have Depp play Sparrow in the Robbie Pirates movie.

Johnny Depp fans want Jack Sparrow to be in Margot Robbie’s new Pirates of the Caribbean movie


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This is just a drop in the vast ocean of tweets out there of disgruntled Pirates and Depp fans.

People are just so confused by this news, and honestly, I can’t blame them for being.

It’s a very complication situation Disney has got itself into here.

They already have the main Pirates franchise which is supposedly still going.

Then they have the spin-off movie, which has been confirmed.

Finally, they have this other ‘all-female’ Pirates movie starring Margot Robbie which isn’t connected to anything else.

It’s just using the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean‘ mantle.

Then, there’s the fact that it looks like we’re never going to see Depp play Captain Jack Sparrow again.

This is a really sad turn of events because he’s the real reason why those movies are so popular.

What do you make of this news?

Do you want Johnny Depp to be in Margot Robbie’s upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean movie?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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