Could Jon Favreau End Up Taking Star Wars Over From Kathleen Kennedy?

So, should we be worried about the future of Star Wars being in the hands of Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy? Short answer: no, but her contract is coming to an end in 2021, and people are already thinking about whether she might be replaced, and the name Jon Favreau keeps on popping up.

Jon Favreau’s already proven himself to be a rather formidable director when it comes to box office records. His Disney live-action films have done remarkably well.

There’s also the fact that he basically kicked-started the Marvel Cinematic Universe and if it wasn’t for him, it wouldn’t be where it is today.

So, does this mean that he would make a good Lucasfilm President? In all honesty, probably, and there’s also there’s the fact that he’s the showrunner of The Mandalorian and Star Wars fans are loving that show on Disney Plus.

Jon Favreau directed The Lion King and The Jungle Book remakes, and both films did really well as far as money is concerned, however, they didn’t do too well critically, especially The Lion King which received mixed review.

Is Jon Favreau the man to take over Lucasfilm?

Should Jon Favreau be allowed to take over Star Wars?

Should Jon Favreau be allowed to take over Star Wars? (Credit: Lucasfilm)

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That said, with The Mandalorian, Favreau’s really demonstrated that he understands Star Wars and he knows what the fans want.

Now, is that good for the future of the Star Wars franchise? I might argue that no, it isn’t really.

I still look at the message that Rian Johnson was putting front and centre in his movie, Star Wars: The Last Jedi. ‘Let the past die’.

I actually think that by bringing in someone like Favreau, you’d be more likely to return to the past and never explore the rest of the Star Wars galaxies.

That’s something that Kennedy has said she wants to do on multiple occasions, but she’s often put in difficult situations where vocal fans get involved and prevent the franchise from moving forward.

What’s clear is that Lucasfilm is in desperate need of a refresh and some new ideas. Perhaps Jon Favreau is that person.

Is it always a good idea to have a ‘fan’ in charge?

Jon Favreau has done well with The Mandalorian so far

Jon Favreau has done well with The Mandalorian so far (Credit: Lucasfilm)

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I’m sure fans would love the idea of Favreau and Dave Filoni taking Star Wars over because they are seen to be ‘true fans’ of the franchise.

I’m not so sure it’s a good idea to have a fan in charge, however, look at what happened with Marvel’s cinematic universe, and you can’t say that Kevin Feige isn’t a fan of Marvel.

Personally, I’d love to see Star Wars be brought forward, and I think that we should all reserve judgement on Favreau until after the first season of The Mandalorian.

He’s done well with the first few episodes so far, but remember, he doesn’t have the best track-record with his movies. He did make Iron Man 2 and Cowboys Vs. Aliens.

We just want the best person for the job. Is Jon Favreau that person?


The Mandalorian’s second episode is here, and this guy’s so cute – Credit: Lucasfilm

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I just want what’s best for Star Wars, and honestly, we owe Kathleen Kennedy a lot for the work she’s done is getting Star Wars to where it is today.

She oversaw the creation of a great new Star Wars trilogy, and I’m sorry if you think The Last Jedi was rubbish, it’s still a hell of a lot better than anything that came from the prequels.

What do you think? Should Jon Favreau take over from Kathleen Kennedy? Let us know in the comments below.

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