5 Things We Want To See Happen In Lucifer Season 5

Netflix has confirmed that Lucifer season 5 is happening, but they also revealed that it would be the show’s last season, and here are 5 things we’d like to see in the final season of the show.

The fact that Lucifer will be ending after season 5 has upset some fans, but rather than getting all up in a huff about it.

The show was originally cancelled by FOX, but fan pressure ended up bringing the show back from the dead, not unlike Lazirus, and Netflix swooped in to pick up the TV show.

They then made Lucifer’s fourth season, which arguably is one of the show’s best so far. However, fans obviously don’t want it to end, yet it looks like it might all come to a close with season 5.

So, I thought it would be a good time to go through the 5 things we Lucifer fans would like to see in the final season.

5 seasons is a good run, and it’s time to celebrate what they’ve achieved, so let’s get celebrating! Here are the 5 things we want to see in Lucifer season 5.

5. Lucifer and the Detective finally getting together

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This is an easy one. I think anyone who’s genuinely into the show will know that Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and the Detective (Lauren German) have been playing this ‘will-they-won’t-they’ game for far too long.

It’s time to finally see the pair be together and happy. They really do deserve one another and have both come such a long way since season one.

It would also be a nice way to end the show, and one which many fans will appreciate, myself included.

4. Let’s get a little better look at Hell

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Lucifer fans aren’t happy about the cancellation

We’ve seen a bit of a Hell, but only glimpses. It all looks rather ashy down there and with season four ending with Lucifer going back to ber the ruler of Hell, I would image we’d get to see more of the Underworld.

I feel that many fans would like a better glimpse of Hell to see where Lucifer came from. Also, it would be rather fun if they made it a scary place, and take a few leaves out of the comic books.

3. It’s time to see God

Lucifer 2

God has kind of been in the background of the show since the very beginning. Lucifer’s been having a one-way conversation with his Dad since season one, and there hasn’t really been a response.

There was an episode when Lucifer thought he finally came face-to-face with the creator of everything, but it turned out to be a magic belt which had turned a normal mortal into a God-like figure.

There was also an episode when Neil Gaiman made a cameo appearance as the voice of God, but we didn’t get to see his face. I think season 5 should feature a moment between Lucifer and his father, and Gaiman should get a chance to play the role.

I honestly think he’d be perfect in the role, and he’s also the man behind the comic books, so it would all make sense.

2. Time to actually see what Heaven looks like

Lucifer 3

We’ve seen glimpses of Hell in the show, but not of the Silver City (otherwise known as Heaven). It’s about time viewers get to see what all the fuss is about.

Amenadiel goes on about the place a lot and makes it sound absolutely perfect. Let us fans be the judge of that!

Hopefully, Netflix will think of a brilliant way of portraying Heaven on the screen, and perhaps this could also be the moment where Lucifer meets his father again after all these years.

1. Let’s have a musical episode

We already know that Tom Ellis likes a little song and a dance, so why not have a musical episode to mark the final season of the show?

Season four’s final episode did have a very brief dance segment, but I think it would be wonderful to see a whole episode in which Lucifer and the Detective have to act like they’re in a musical.

They won’t get another chance to do something like this, and Ellis has already made it very clear he’d be up for it.

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Lucifer season 4 is available to stream on Netflix.

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