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Jeremy Clarkson Admits He’s ‘Screwed’ With Diddly Squat Farm After Financial Troubles


Jeremy Clarkson, the former Top Gear host and current star of the Prime Video series Clarkson’s Farm, has candidly admitted that he’s in a bit of a pickle with his Diddly Squat Farm. In a recent column for The Times, Clarkson opened up about the financial strain of running the Cotswold farm, confessing that he is “screwed” along with many farmers across Europe. This revelation, as reported by the Oxford Mail, highlights the harsh reality of the farming industry and the difficulty in turning a profit, even for a celebrity like Clarkson.

Since opening the farm in 2019, Clarkson has been transparent about the struggles of making it profitable. From failed crops to adverse weather conditions, the journey has been anything but smooth. His frank admission sheds light on the broader challenges faced by farmers and the agricultural industry as a whole.

The Financial Strain of Farming


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A Tough Year for Diddly Squat

In its first year, Diddly Squat Farm made just £114, a figure that Clarkson now says would be a dream result compared to its most recent year of business. The financial challenges have been compounded by ever-rising production costs and the supermarket system’s limitations on pricing.

Farming Subsidies Cut

Clarkson highlighted the impact of farming subsidies being “cut to the bone,” leaving many farmers unable to make a living wage without government help. The situation is exacerbated by the inability to raise prices due to the constraints imposed by supermarkets.

Clarkson’s Farm: The Prime Video Series


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A Glimpse Into Farming Realities

The Prime Video series Clarkson’s Farm has given viewers a glimpse into the realities of modern farming. The show has been praised for its honest portrayal of the challenges faced by farmers and has brought attention to the industry’s struggles.

Popularity and Impact

Despite the financial difficulties, the popularity of Clarkson’s Farm has turned Diddly Squat into a tourist attraction. Fans of the show have flocked to the farm, drawn by Clarkson’s humorous and unfiltered take on farming life.

The Broader Picture: Farming in Crisis


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European Farmers in Struggle

Clarkson’s struggles are reflective of a broader crisis in the farming industry across Europe. Farmers in countries like Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany have staged widespread strikes in response to plans to end subsidies that aid their income.

The Cost of Food Production

The cost of foods on supermarket shelves and the small percentage of profits that end up in farmers’ pockets is a significant issue. Clarkson pointed out the disparity between the price of products like a Big Mac and the amount that actually goes to the farmers who produce the ingredients.

Looking Ahead


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The Future of Diddly Squat Farm

Despite the challenges, Clarkson is tied into running Diddly Squat Farm for at least another year. The farm shop is temporarily closed for the winter but is expected to reopen, continuing to serve as both a working farm and a tourist attraction.

Continued Advocacy for Farmers

Clarkson’s outspokenness about the difficulties of farming has made him an unlikely advocate for the industry. His platform has the potential to bring much-needed attention to the challenges faced by farmers and the importance of supporting local agriculture.

Final Thoughts on Jeremy Clarkson’s Diddly Squat farm


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Jeremy Clarkson’s admission of financial troubles with Diddly Squat Farm is a stark reminder of the realities of modern farming. While Clarkson’s Farm has brought entertainment and awareness to viewers, the behind-the-scenes struggles reflect a larger, more troubling picture of the agricultural industry. As Clarkson navigates the challenges of running a farm, his journey serves as a microcosm of the broader issues faced by farmers in the UK and across Europe.

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