James May Reveals ‘Nerve-Wracking’ New Role Post-The Grand Tour


James May, known for his charismatic presence on The Grand Tour and Top Gear, is taking a thrilling leap into uncharted waters with his latest venture. Recently, The Sun shed light on May’s new adventure that is sure to excite fans and viewers. Diving into a role that veers from his well-trodden path, May embarks on a journey that is both nerve-wracking and exhilarating.

The End of an Era and the Beginning of a New Journey


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The Grand Tour to James May: Our Man In India

James May’s departure from The Grand Tour marked the end of an era. However, the ever-enthusiastic presenter is not one to sit idle. May is set to return to the small screen with his travel show, James May: Our Man In… The new series, premiering on Prime Video on January 5, 2024, takes May to India, a land of vibrant cultures and traditions.

Here’s what May had to say on the matter:

It’s great fun. There’s a real buzz and people get very excited about it. The bit that amazed me, though, is they put these bonfires up all around the town and they fill them with these crackers. But they’re not like our little weedy bangers, they’re proper explosives.

I just don’t understand, given that they do that every year, how they haven’t burned the place down. And somehow the next day they manage to tidy it all away, even though the place is covered in paint and water and dead fireworks and bits of discarded street food. It’s an absolute riot.

James May then went on to admit that the whole experience was “nerve-racking”.

Exploring India’s Diverse Culture

In this series, May journeys from Mumbai to Udaipur, exploring the rich cultural tapestry of India. His participation in the Holi festival in Udaipur is a particular highlight, immersing him in a world of colour and joyous celebration. Despite the fun, May describes the experience as a riot of paint, water, and fireworks, creating a nerve-wracking yet unforgettable experience.

New Challenges and Opportunities


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From Presenter to Actor

One of the most daunting yet exciting parts of May’s Indian adventure was his stint in acting. He played the role of the 19th-century Scottish theologian and missionary William Hastie in a Tollywood TV show. This marked a significant departure from his usual on-screen roles, pushing him out of his comfort zone and into the realm of serious acting.

Global Recognition and Future Prospects


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The Global Appeal of James May

Despite the new setting, May’s global fame followed him to India. Known worldwide for his work on Top Gear and The Grand Tour, he encountered fans and recognition even in India. This global appeal underscores the wide-reaching impact of his television career and hints at the potential success of his new series.

Final Thoughts on James May’s new role post-The Grand Tour


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James May’s journey from the automotive-centric world of The Grand Tour and Top Gear to the culturally rich and diverse landscapes of India in James May: Our Man In India represents more than just a change in content; it symbolizes a remarkable evolution in his career. This new series offers May an opportunity to showcase his versatility not just as a presenter but as a global storyteller, capable of adapting to and embracing different cultures and experiences.

The series promises a blend of humor, insight, and the unexpected. May’s humorous and relatable style, combined with his willingness to immerse himself in new experiences – whether it be celebrating Holi in Udaipur or venturing into acting – speaks to a broader theme of personal growth and exploration. It is not just about exploring new geographies, but also about exploring new aspects of his personality and capabilities.

Moreover, May’s global recognition, as seen through his interactions with fans in India, adds a unique dimension to the show. It serves as a testament to his wide-reaching influence and the universal appeal of his character and work. This global appeal not only enhances the viewing experience but also bridges cultural gaps, bringing diverse audiences together in shared enjoyment and appreciation of his journey.

In essence, James May: Our Man In India is more than just a travelogue; it’s a narrative of exploration, courage, and humor. It’s about stepping out of one’s comfort zone and embracing the new with open arms. As viewers, we’re not just spectators but companions on this journey, invited to experience the colors, sounds, and emotions of India through May’s unique lens.

James May’s new series is not just a continuation of his illustrious career; it’s a bold new chapter, promising to bring fresh perspectives and heartfelt laughter to audiences around the world. As The Grand Tour concludes, May’s new adventure with James May: Our Man In India begins, marking the start of an exciting and enriching chapter in his journey as a presenter and explorer.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to seeing what James May does after The Grand Tour? We’d love to hear from you.

You can stream all previous episodes of The Grand Tour on Prime Video right now.