James Gunn Reveals Superman: Legacy Production Start Date

James Gunn Has Almost Finished Superman Legacy’s Script

James Gunn recently got to reveal that Superman: Legacy for DC Studios will start filming in January 2024. Slated for a July 11th, 2025 release date, a January 2024 start of production would be just perfect for getting on track for the target.

Seems that even though the writer-director is promoting his currently running movie under Marvel Studios, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3, people can’t stop talking about his next project, which is under the new DCU. As the competition studio’s co-CEO, Gunn explains that his work is mostly on the creative side of things. Co-CEO Peter Safran handles the executive side.

As soon as they started with the appointment in November, many fans and followers had their eyes glued on the activities of the two new DC heads. Speculations abound as to how they are planning to revive the then-DCEU. Things weren’t working as Warner Bros wished.

When the companies got to finalize the merger, things shifted to perhaps earth-shattering levels for the studio that many fell off the ‘upcoming titles’ shelf. Many were cancelled and were deemed never to see the light of day ever again.

When James Gunn and Peter Safran came along, even more changes took place. Wonder Woman 3’s script by Patty Jenkins was not accepted. Henry Cavill was told that he’s no longer going to be the DC movies’ Superman moving forward. Ben Affleck also has put his Batman cowl down, and even more, he declared that he wouldn’t be directing any movie or series under the new slate.

James Gunn Says Superman: Legacy Starts Shooting in January

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In what sort of is a ‘getting to know you’re guesting with his brother Sean Gunn on the YouTube channel Wired, the two answered frequently asked questions about them on Google. Many questions surprised the brothers, but one question revealed an update for a project from DC Studios, not Marvel. Answering the question:

Is James Gunn directing Superman: Legacy?

James Gunn said with a bit of unintentional comedy:

James Gunn is directing Superman: LegaTHy… legathy?

But pushes back with information that trumps the mistake. He said

We start shooting in January.

Meanwhile, The Direct quotes Gunn’s answer to another question about what he is currently working on. He said:

I’m working on Superman: Legacy which we shoot in January.  I’m doing the press tour for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. We’ve been recording voices for our animated show, Creature Commandos. And then I’m helping other writers work on other projects in the DC world.

James Gunn Begins Shooting Superman: Legacy in January 2024


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Superman: Legacy starts filming in January 2024. What sticks to me in the answer is how Gunn called it DC World. Is that going to be what it will informally be called now? Officially they have changed it from DC Extended Universe or DCEU into DC Universe or DCU. Moreover, for any storyline or version that is not connected to DCU, it will be branded Elseworlds.

DCU having Elseworlds is something Marvel did not do. Even though Marvel has established the multiverse successfully, there is no full-length feature about other versions or other Earths.

James Gunn Reveals Superman Legacy Will Start Filming In January 2024

Credit: DC Comics

It would definitely be exciting to learn about any updates regarding Superman: Legacy and because of San Diego Comic Convention. For one thing, the actor who will portray Superman and Clark Kent might get needs the boy scout charm more than ever.

James Gunn’s Clark Kent will be so nice and mild-mannered that you will wish to give him a hug. I’d like to see how Gunn will accomplish that. Judging by how Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 is being received, there is good hope that DC might truly get the promising slate it wants to finally have.

What do you make of James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy starting its shoot by January 2024? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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