How To Make Your Own Movie YouTube Channel


YouTube is a great place for things like vlogging, blogging, product reviews, gaming channels, and more.

Did you know that you could even create your own movie channel or episode series on YouTube?

There are actually quite a few channels that have already successfully done thisб so we can take a lot of inspiration from them.  

You don’t have to be on a high-profile select channel like HBO or some other platform to get your movies seen.

You can accomplish that right here on YouTube.

Take a view of this simple guide with tips and tricks to help you along the way. 

Start your movie YouTube channel with Setup and Design


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First, you’ve got to get a channel created.

In doing so, you must establish proper elements to ensure you have the capability to grow this as a movie channel.

It all starts with your name.

That might seem like an easy task, but it can actually be incredibly difficult to choose a high-quality name. 

You want a name that stands out.

Don’t be generic with something like “Bob’s Short Films.”

While that makes your channel very clear, it’s not unique in any way.

You can choose a title that circulates around what your theme is going to be, or you can use something interesting and funny.

Some people even create punny names, which could be a great approach. 

In the end, the naming element is totally your call. Just try to choose wisely with relevance and wow-factor in mind.

Think of the naming convention as a means to be found when people are searching for new and fun things to watch. 

Design your channel using profile photos, a header, and all of the descriptive detail.

These elements are important for letting potential viewers and subscribers know just who you are and what it is that you’re doing on YT. 

Will Work for Likes

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Once you get the channel setup, it’s time to start creating content.

Your content needs to stick to your niche for the most part, but your end-all goal should be the development of likes and subscribers to help you grow your channel to success, right? 

There are several different things you can do here. You can do a lot of:

  • sharing, 
  • advertising, 
  • promoting, 
  • crossing your fingers. 

Those are all vital parts of establishing likes to your postings and creations. 

Create high-quality content that is worth being seen, and then find ways to get it out there and bring viewers to you. 

Another option is to purchase YouTube thumbs up and views to help boost the standing of your content.

This can help create some visibility and allow more people to find you and then view your content.

The first reason to buy YouTube views and likes is that the price is pretty affordable for 50, and the results happen quickly in a trickling motion until they build up. 

You need to find means to flock people to you; this ranges from the content you create to taking advantage of external resources for promotion and improvement as well. 

Starting your own movie YouTube channel Takes Grit

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One thing so many people don’t realize until they’re in the midst of frustration is how much hard work creating a movie YouTube channel might require.

Achieving high levels of likes won’t just walk through your door.

Yes, you can purchase a few but getting consistent visibility and viewers still remains a responsibility on your shoulders. 

There will certainly be times when you are frustrated.

And like there will be plenty of instances in which you consider throwing in the towel.

But the real success comes from overcoming those obstacles and struggles and building yourself up to keep moving forward. 

Consistently putting in the hard work is one of the most important functions to help you be successful.

Stay in control of the one thing that you have an absolute majority over.

This is the content that you create. Keep working at it, keep improving it, and keep being consistent with creation, delivery, and efforts. 

Continue Learning & Experiencing

Once you have a basic grasp of what it takes to develop your channel, keep in mind that continuing to learn and gain experience will be vital to success.

If you think you already know everything there is to learn here, think again.

That is when you will stifle your own potential. 

Everyone always has the opportunity to advance further in education and experience.

There are always new trends, new algorithm adjustments, and new technology to unearth and put to use.

Each piece needs to build on the last, and you should always be working to improve in any way that you can. 

One great tool for this is analytics and reporting features found on YouTube.

These let you know if something you are doing is working incredibly well and also maybe when it’s a bust.

You can determine who is watching your content and when they are doing so.

You can learn a lot about your audience, what they love, and what might be harming your output success. 

Always utilize those tracking tools and garner information from valuable data like this.

Don’t be afraid to ask your audience for feedback, either.

People appreciate the opportunity to share opinions.

Sometimes we need to hear those hard truths to improve further. 

Appreciate Valuable Feedback


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There are plenty of celebrities and influencers out there that will tell you ignoring comments is just fine.

But the truth is that you really shouldn’t just completely ignore them.

Yes, some commenters are just little trolls looking to ruin your day.

Others have valuable things to offer you. 

You have the ability to control who you engage with and respond to.

Hash out the ones that are supporters and build your relationships with them.

When you get valuable comments and feedback, engage with those people.

Find some means to react or respond to their comments.

Thank individuals for feedback and strike up conversations. 

This is one thing that is going to pay off generally in the long run.

Again, you don’t have to engage with the negative Nancys in your comment boxes.

But there are plenty of valuable other viewers and commenters, and you should be interacting with those people.

It’s a vital plug for who you are. 

Partnerships and Collaboration

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Our final tip is to find ways to work with others.

Whether you interview a movie star, partner up with another channel, collaborate with a known influencer, or something else along these lines.

Working with people outside of your channel base is a great way to get additional viewers and possibly subscribers. 

This allows you to enter an external space and show what you have to offer the world.

In return, the person you partnered with gets the same kickback.

It’s really ultimately a viable win for both sides.

The hardest part is choosing or finding that partnership.

Start small and then dive for the big fish if you need to. 

Final Thoughts

Creating a movie YouTube channel is much like any other format.

You need to be able to ascertain views and likes.

To do so, you are challenged to find ways to make your content attractive to the people and simply find the space to be more visible. 

Remember, there are always experiences and resources to take advantage of.

You just need to be willing to make an effort.


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