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Henry Cavill Responds To Ryan Reynolds Trolling His Justice League Moustache

Henry Cavill and Ryan Reynolds are both hilarious on social media, and they’re two actors who can seem to take a joke.

Well, Reynolds might have taken things to the next level when he released a new ad for his gin, Aviation Gin, and poked fun at Henry Cavill’s moustache (or lack of one) in Justice League.

It was pretty big news when Justice League came out and people were baffled by Superman’s face, and it all had to do with a CGI moustache.

It all came down to a legal battle between Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures.

Henry Cavill had to do some reshoots for Justice League, but these reshoots were taking place whilst Cavill was filming Mission: Impossible – Fallout, for which he mad grown a moustache.

Cavill played CIA agent August Walker, and the character had a glorious moustache, but as filming on the movie hadn’t finished yet, Paramount refused to let him shave it off.

It meant that Cavill had to film the extra scenes for Justice League with his beard and moustache and the CGI wizards had to go into the footage afterwards and digitally remove it all.

Leave Henry Cavill Alone Ryan Reynolds!

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It all resulted in a very strange-looking Superman, who’s face just didn’t look right in certain parts of the movie.

Anyway, back to what happened between Cavill and Reynolds. Reynolds posted a video onto his Instagram account, in which he was drinking his Aviation Gin with a moustache on, and he asks: “Does drinking Aviation Gin make you feel like a superhero?”

But after he drinks the gin the moustache is gone.

His lower face and mouth then start to jiggle around in what’s an obvious jab at Superman’s strange face in Justice League.

Well, Cavill wasn’t going to let him get away with this, and commented: “Can’t CGI the pain away….make mine a double.”

Cavill’s always been brilliant at taking this sort of stuff on the chin (no pun intended).

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