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The Netflix Historical Action Series That’s Better Than Any Pirates Of The Caribbean Movie


Black Sails, the swashbuckling series available on Netflix, has recently been hailed as surpassing even the iconic Pirates of the Caribbean films in delivering high-seas adventure and intrigue.

Originally airing between 2014 and 2017, this gritty portrayal of pirate life before the events of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island combines historical details with riveting fiction, offering viewers a more nuanced look at the golden age of piracy.

As Black Sails finds renewed popularity on streaming platforms, it not only redefines the pirate genre but also captures a fan base still hungry for tales of treasure and treachery on the high seas.


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With a total of 38 episodes across four seasons, Black Sails intricately crafts the backstory of the notorious Captain Flint, played by Toby Stephens, and his crew, blending historical figures and fictional characters seamlessly.

The show delves into the complexities of their lives, exploring themes of loyalty, power, and the pursuit of freedom, all set against the brutal backdrop of colonial exploitation and maritime lawlessness.

Raising the Bar for Pirate Dramas


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While Pirates of the Caribbean brought a whimsical, supernatural spin to pirate lore, Black Sails offers a grittier, more realistic take that has resonated strongly with audiences.

The series sets itself apart with meticulously detailed story arcs, character development, and moral complexities that provide a deeper and often darker view of pirate life.

Unlike its cinematic counterparts, which often focus on high-energy action and comedic escapades, Black Sails embeds its narrative in historical context, giving weight to its dramatic confrontations and political intrigue.


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The portrayal of Captain Flint as a driven, tactical leader haunted by his past and facing impending threats not just from the seas but from within his crew, offers a compelling study in leadership and strategy.

His alliances with characters like Eleanor Guthrie, a shrewd and ambitious trade leader played by Hannah New, and the cunning John Silver, portrayed by Luke Arnold, add layers of political drama and betrayal that enrich the storyline beyond traditional pirate tales.

A Closer Look at the Characters and Plot


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Black Sails thrives on its ability to develop complex characters whose motivations are as varied as their backgrounds.

The series begins by establishing New Providence Island as a haven for society’s outcasts, governed by pirates who are at constant odds with the world’s empires seeking to control the seas.

Here, alliances are fluid, loyalty is scarce, and betrayal is frequent.


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Characters like Max, a prostitute who rises to power using her intelligence and manipulation, played by Jessica Parker Kennedy, reflect the series’ emphasis on strong, cunning female leads, which is often lacking in similar genres.

The plot weaves through intricate politics and personal vendettas, with each season building on the last to escalate the stakes for all involved.

The quest for the Spanish treasure galleon, the Urca de Lima, serves as a central plot point that triggers alliances and conflicts that affect not just the pirates but also the colonial powers struggling to maintain control over the lucrative shipping routes.

Final Thoughts: Why Black Sails Outshines Its Peers


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Black Sails does not merely entertain; it immerses its audience in a narrative that challenges the romanticized view of piracy.

Its commitment to character depth, historical accuracy, and moral complexity offers a more mature and satisfying experience compared to the more fantastical Pirates of the Caribbean series.

The show’s success lies in its ability to blend historical facts with compelling fiction, offering a version of pirate life that is brutal, strategic, and, above all, human.

The critical acclaim and robust fan following that Black Sails continues to garner attest to its quality and enduring appeal.

As it finds new audiences on Netflix, the series is poised to remain a benchmark for historical action dramas, proving that true adventure lies not in the caricature of pirates but in the portrayal of their harsh realities and rugged lives.

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