Doctor Sleep Director Says He’s Working On Another Stephen King Adaptation

Doctor Sleep is out in cinemas in the UK right now (it’s coming out this Friday in the US) and it marks the second that director Mike Flanagan has adapted a Stephen King novel.

Flanagan adapted King’s novel Gerald’s Game for Netflix before having made Doctor Sleep, and that movie is a real gem, and is genuinely terrifying.

Well, it seems as though the two of them enjoy working together so much that they’re already discussing what Stephen King property Flanagan can adapt for the big screen next.

Flanagan actually revealed during an interview with CinemaBlend that he and Stephen King are already working on something together.

“[Stephen King and I] are talking actively about what’s next, and we have a great idea for that I’m not allowed to talk about yet,” Flanagan revealed to CinemaBlend.

“But it’s really cool, and yeah, I expect there will be another chance to play in that sandbox very soon.”

Mike Flanagan and Stephen King really like working together

Doctor Sleep director, Mike Flanagan and Stephen King are going to work together again

Doctor Sleep director, Mike Flanagan and Stephen King are going to work together again (Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures)

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Of course, Flanagan wasn’t able to give any details or clues on what they’re working together.

However, the director went on to reveal how much he loved adapting King’s work, saying: “It’s been my dream since I was a kid to be able to adapt Stephen King, and he’s let me play in that sandbox two times; I would be thrilled to do it again.”

“He’s been happy both times, which is still like [mind-blown gesture], as long as that keeps up, if he’ll have me back, I’m there for the long haul. I’ll do as many as he’ll let me.”

This won’t be the first time that King’s had one filmmaker adapt his work multiple times for the big and small screens.

Frank Darabont directed King adaptations The Shawshank RedemptionThe Green Mile, and The Mist.

Mick Garris directed Sleepwalkers and Riding the Bullet, as well as helming miniseries adaptations The StandThe Shining, and Bag of Bones.

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