GOTG Vol 3 Drops MCU’s First Uncensored F-Bomb


Marvel Studios may be slowly easing its way to a more adult rating as the MCU drops its first uncensored F-Bomb in GOTG Vol 3. This time it isn’t Groot who uses heavy language in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3.

Maybe writer-director James Gunn is bent on pulling all the stops to the last movie he and some of the actors will have for Marvel under the Guardians franchise. There is also the possibility that Marvel is looking into getting rougher on some of its properties.

Or maybe because Marvel knows that its audience isn’t getting any younger as well. Not so surprisingly, the actual reason behind the historical F-bomb is for comedic effect. It makes the scene that features a lot of frustration more natural when the character utters the very word that makes some people richer by the end of the week due to a certain dollar-every-time-it-is-said jar.

MCU’s First F-Bomb On GOTG Vol 3

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In one of the recent clips released to promote the movie, Quill dropped the F-word as he told Nebula how to open the car door. Many viewers were shocked to learn of what he said even though the clip muted it. People can read lips, right? So, a lot of viewers expect the scene won’t have the word bleeped off in the movie.

Gunn answers an inquiry online if this was the only time the word was uttered in the movie or if there were more instances that the word was used. He answered:

You can only have one in a PG 13 movie. That said it wasn’t planned – I told Chris to add it on set and it just made the moment funnier so we kept.

The word was added to emphasise Quill’s frustration and for comedic effect. The Guardians of the Galaxy franchise has always been teetering on the brink in choice of words. A lot of times either edited, muted or cancelled out by a blast or, in Groot’s case, “I am Groot”, which is translated into a cuss word. So, officially, Groot beat Quill in terms of saying it out loud.

GOTG Vol 3 Could Be The First of Many Mature MCU Content

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Still, because it is a Marvel Studios movie, which is more specifically Disney, people have expectations that the movie under the company would be squeaky clean in the selection of words. I could only suppose that Marvel had adjustments to be more lenient in such practice.

For one thing, it still falls under the requirement of the regulatory board. And it isn’t as if it was Mickey Mouse who said it, right? Furthermore, Marvel is on its path to the more gritty movies, such as Deadpool 3, which will be its first R-rated film. For the series line, there is the upcoming Daredevil: Born Again.

If Jon Bernthal’s opinion on what it takes for him to reprise his role as The Punisher for the series is any measure, the upcoming supersized series for Disney Plus will be as dark as the Netflix version. And that didn’t exactly have a specific limit to the number of times the word can be said throughout a season, let alone an episode.

At the very least, Quill didn’t tell Nebula F-you. It was really just the exasperation of the moment. Where they need to go or where they have been may have also contributed to the stress that Quill was feeling. I did find it funny how Nebula reacted. Given her past, it is already a great character development for her not to harm Quill in any way when she finally gets to open the car door.

What do you make of this news? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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