Daredevil: Born Again Will Be Rated TV-MA


It’s being reported that Daredevil: Born Again will be rated TV-MA, which means that it’ll still be a ‘mature’ rating despite reports stating the contrary. This comes to us from scooper Daniel RPK, and I have to say that I’m glad to hear this. There have been reports suggesting that now that Bob Chapek is no longer Disney’s CEO, upcoming Marvel content will no longer be rated ‘R’ or ‘TV-MA’.

Certain reports were suggesting that the new and returning Disney CEO, Bob Iger, was very much against the idea of the studio releasing mature-rated content, and that included some of the stuff that Marvel Studios was planning on releasing. So, this could mean that the likes of Deadpool 3 and Daredevil: Born Again would be ‘watered-down’ by Marvel so that they would have a softer rating.

Daredevil: Born Again will still be rated TV-MA!


Credit: Marvel Studios

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Much of this came from regular scooper, Grace Randolph, who took to Twitter to make the following statement about Disney’s future under Iger:

Bob Chapek was cool with a mature rated #DaredevilBornAgain

Bob Iger, not so much

They’re still deciding – we’ll see what happens!

I do hear it’s going to be chock full of awesome #Daredevil characters

This is reportedly not true. According to Daniel RPK, the series is still going to be rated TV-MA, which is very good to hear. This comes after a user asked the scooper whether the upcoming Daredevil series is still going to be rated TV-MA. The scooper replied, saying “likely”.

He’s a violent character and needs a more mature rating

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So, it seems as though Disney and Marvel Studios are sticking to the plan, at the moment at least. This could all change. However, I think it would be hard to make a series involving the character without it having a more mature rating than the other Marvel shows. Yes, you can tone it down and show a different side of the Marvel character. However, he is still a violent fighter, which will have to be shown in the upcoming series.

I don’t think it has to be massively brutal. It’s not about how much blood you get to see on-screen. It’s going to be a case of implied violence. Moreover, if you have a villain like Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin in it, it will be pretty violent.

Daredevil: Born Again premieres on Disney Plus in the Spring of 2024. Are you going to be watching it?

What do you make of this news? Are you glad to hear that the plan at Disney is to keep Daredevil: Born Again rated TV-MA? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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