Ethan Hawke’s Moon Knight Villain Not Well Known


Moon Knight is certainly not one of the most well known Marvel characters, especially in comparison to say, Spider-Man and Captain America.

Yet that’s what makes the upcoming series about the character so intriguing.

In an interview with The Wrap, Ethan Hawke teased that his Moon Knight character will not be a well-known character to audiences.

Moon Knight role doesn’t have a lot of baggage, says Hawke

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Credit: Marvel Studios

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When asked about his role in the upcoming show, Hawke said:

I’m really fortunate because we’re dealing with a story that doesn’t have a lot of ancillary baggage. If you play Spider-Man or Batman, they’ve got so much baggage and the audience have such expectations. It’s like playing Hamlet — you can’t play it in a vacuum. You’re playing it in relationship to the other Hamlets. Whereas with “Moon Knight,” people don’t know much about it. It doesn’t have a lot of baggage.

Hawke went on to praise his co-star Oscar Isaac:

Oscar (Isaac) is giving an absolutely phenomenal performance, and it feels exciting to be a part of it with him.

Hawke went on to comment about the secrecy surrounding the project, before also praising Marvel for the environment they create for their actors:

I’ve signed 10,000 NDAs and they give me a hard time anytime I say anything about it. They’re very secretive about it. But I understand why people love working for them. They’re extremely active, friendly. They do good world-building and create space for actors. If you want to play, they want you to play.

Moon Knight will debut on Disney+ next year.

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