Disney’s Bob Iger Looking For A New Alan Horn (EXCLUSIVE)


Disney CEO, Bob Iger is on the search for a new Alan Horn-type to be the new Chief Creative Officer at the House Of Mouse.

Alan Horn served as Disney’s Chief Content Officer (CCO) from 2019 to 2021. He also served as the chairman of Walt Disney Studios from 2012 to 2020.

He ended up leaving the company in 2021, which coincided with the beginning of the era of Bob Chapek at Disney. Horn is now working as a consultant with Warner Bros. Discovery.

Well, Iger is trying to reinstil some stability inside the ranks at Disney, and he’s looking for someone to fill the Alan Horn-shaped hole that Chapek left.

It seems as though Iger is looking to, as your source stated, “promote from within the company.”

There are already a bunch of names on the list, but according to our source, a name that’s rising through the ranks at Disney and who’s one of the top choices for the job is Jennifer Lee.

Bob Iger might have found his new Alan Horn – aka Disney’s new CCO


Credit: Disney

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According to our source, Lee, who is currently Walt Disney Animation Studios’ CCO, could be promoted to Disney’s CCO.

Lee was the person who gave us Frozen and Frozen 2, which has become one of Disney’s highest-grossing animated properties of all time.

Lee also became the first female director whose movie grossed over $1 billion at the box office!

She was promoted to Walt Disney Animation Studios’ CCO in 2018 following John Lasseter’s departure from the House of Mouse.

Details are still a bit vague, but as we understand it, Lee is Iger’s top choice for the role, and it could only be a matter of time before they announce that she’s going to be overseeing all of Disney’s future cinematic and TV content.

This is just more evidence that the era of Chapek is well and truly over and that Iger is doing everything within his power to ensure that the company doesn’t end up in the mess it did the last time he decided to take his well-earned retirement.

Moreover, it seems as though Lee is working on something big over at Disney. During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Lee revealed that she is also writing a new project for the studio.

However, she didn’t want to give away too many details about what this new project could be.

Jennifer Lee has been rising through the ranks at Disney


Credit: Disney (Photo by Ricky Middlesworth)

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That said, she did reveal that she loves working with creative talent. Here’s what she had to say on the matter:

What I love about the way Disney works is the CCOs are filmmakers. The respect for the fact that we need to keep creating, that we are only good at our jobs if we are continuing to evolve as artists, was set from the beginning, and it is important to me.

It does seem as though Lee might be working on Frozen 3, a project which has been teased by the previous films’ cast in the past. However, that has not been confirmed as of yet.

It’s going to be very interesting to see where Lee ends up after this next project is released. As far as our sources are concerned, she’s going to end up being one of the top dogs in the House Of Mouse.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to seeing what happens at Disney in the not-so-distant future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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