Chris Pratt Reportedly In Line To Play Booster Gold In The DCU


Marvel’s Star-Lord Chris Pratt could possibly play the role of Booster Gold in James Gunn’s DC Universe. This comes from The Direct, as they report that the actor could be DC’s time-travelling loser who pretends to be a superhero.

Just a couple of days ago, DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn announced a number of projects lined up for the new DC Universe. Included in the list is Booster Gold, an upcoming project about a time traveller from the 25th century.

DC’s Booster Gold series is a comedy. The character, who is named Michael Jon Carter, is working as a security guard for a museum. Using tools, he found (from superheroes) in the museum, he travels to the 20th century. With the items that he brought, he lets people believe he is a superhero.

DC Studios’ co-CEO Peter Safran describes Booster Gold as:

A loser from the future who uses basic future technology to come back to today and pretend to be a superhero.

Gunn added:

Basically, ‘Booster Gold’ is imposter syndrome as a superhero.

It’s been reported that Gunn has already been talking to possible actors to take the role. Because of this, some fans have been suggesting that Gunn might get the Guardians of the Galaxy team leader Chris Pratt.

Chris Pratt Might Be In The Running To Play Booster Gold

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Although there have been no official announcements, Gunn hasn’t mentioned anything regarding the casting of Booster Gold. Gunn did say that he looks forward to working with the cast of Guardians again on DC projects. He is friends with the cast, he made it no secret that the cast was invited to Gunn’s wedding celebration.

Also, Gunn is known for working with his favourite actors, so no surprise there. This is why we keep seeing Nathan Fillion and Michael Rooker in his projects.

For many, Chris Pratt could be perfect for playing Booster Gold. Actually, the bumbling hero personality seems to fit him. The actor has done comedy before with Parks and Recreation. Which is why some fans are rooting for him to get the role.

Although, there are those who don’t agree that casting Pratt would be a good idea. Some worry that Gunn’s DC Universe would feel like another Guardians of the Galaxy. I think there are people who forget that Gunn wants to get other directors to helm the projects because he wants variety.

At the moment, Gunn hasn’t committed to directing any DC project. I do expect that he will direct a movie or a few episodes on the shows. But he obviously doesn’t want the DC universe to be about him.

So, even if they do get Pratt for the role, the show would still depend on how the director envisions the actor.

While Pratt would seem like he’s made for the role. The actor is already 43 years old. And with DC Studios working on a continuous cinematic universe, it’s possible that they’ll be looking for someone younger. Also, Gunn likes actors who can show a different side to what people see them to be.

Booster Gold To Be Played By Marvel’s Star-Lord Chris Pratt?

Booster Gold, Chris Pratt, DC Studios, James Gunn

Credit: DC Comics

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Remember when it was announced that Chris Pratt would be playing Star-Lord in James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy? A lot of people still thought of him as Andy Dwyer from Parks and Recreation. But that all changed when the Guardians trailer revealed that Pratt turned out to be an incredible leading man. Because of it, Pratt got more leading roles, like in Jurassic World and The Tomorrow War.

Gunn is good at finding talent, especially with typecast actors. Can you imagine John Cena having his own comedy superhero series before Peacemaker came out? I doubt that many did.

I have no doubt that Pratt will be in Gunn’s roster of possible actors in the DC Universe. I just think his role will be vastly different from what we’ve seen before. I can envision him as a supporting role, like a villain or a mentor. But with Gunn, Pratt could turn out to be anyone. Even a character that you won’t even notice.

What do you think of Chris Pratt possibly being Booster Gold in the DC Universe? Do you have any suggestions on who would be best to fit the role? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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